IS-2524 Campus Memorial (Policy)


Release Date: 1/16/02
Revision 1: 5/3/06


CNM Board Policy

Employee Handbook 12.19, Campus Memorial

Administrative Directive


A Campus Memorial, located in the plazuela near Jeannette Stromberg Library on Main Campus, provides a centralized and uniform means of honoring deceased persons who have worked at Central New Mexico Community College (CNM).  The Governing Board has formally declared this memorial to be the only appropriate and allowable means of permanently commemorating deceased colleagues on campus, except as outlined in the Employee Handbook Section 12.18, Naming of College Facilities.

1. Administration of the Memorial

The Campus Memorial is administered by the Marketing & Communications Office. 

2. Who Is Commemorated

Current employees who die while employed by CNM and deceased former CNM employees are commemorated on the Campus Memorial.

2.1 The name of an employee who dies while in service at CNM is placed on the memorial at no charge.  This process is initiated by the Communication Officer in the Marketing & Communications Office.

2.2 By written request, the name of a former employee who is deceased may be added to the memorial based on the following criteria:

  • Verification by the Marketing & Communications Office of the deceased's CNM employment;

  • Recommendation by the Communication Officer based on a review of the past employee's CNM service record;

  • Payment of the cost of the plaque, to be determined by CNM, by the requestor or sponsor.

2.3 Anyone may make this request by contacting the Marketing & Communications Office and completing a Request for Campus Memorial Plaque form.

2.4 Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, final decision regarding addition of any name to the Campus Memorial shall be made by the President.

3. Financial Considerations

3.1 The name of an employee who dies while in service at CNM is automatically placed on the memorial at no charge. 

3.2 Payment for a memorial plaque for a past employee is made by the requestor or sponsor to the CNM Foundation.

3.3 CNM's intent is to collect payment for the cost of the plaque only.  This cost is based on the vendor's production cost. 

4. Memorial Plaques

Production and printing specifications for the memorial plaques that are affixed to the Campus Memorial follow guidelines determined by the Communication Officer. Such guidelines include, but are not limited to:

  • design
  • layout
  • wording
  • typeface

5. Campus Memorial Maintenance

5.1 The CNM Physical Plant is responsible for the maintenance of the Campus Memorial, including the installation of the plaques as they are requested and approved. 

5.2 The CNM Foundation maintains a Campus Memorial account from which it pays for plaques to commemorate employees who die while in service.



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Reference Materials:

Employee Handbook 12.18, Naming of Institute Facilities
Employee Handbook 12.19, Campus Memorial