Subject Index

Alphabetical Index of Document Titles

IS-2097 ADA / Reasonable Accommodation, Human Resources
IS-2044 Administrative Employment Contract, Human Resources
IS-2066 Administrative Leave, Human Resources
IS-2074 Annual Leave, Human Resources (Under Review)
IS-2018 Anti-Violence in the Workplace, Human Resources
IS-2091 Applicant Tracking, Human Resources (Under Review)
IS-1402 Assistance from Security, Operations
IS-1018 Banner Access Control, Uncategorized
IS-2102 Background Checks, Human Resources
IS-2088 Bereavement Leave, Human Resources
IS-1404 Bomb Threat Emergencies, Operations
IS-2524 Campus Memorial, Administration
IS-2100 Catastrophic Leave Donation, Human Resources
IS-2012 Classification / Reclassification of Positions, Human Resources (Under Review)
IS-2080 Collective Bargaining, Human Resources
IS-2504 College Schedule Changes, Administration
IS-2026 Conflict of Interest, Human Resources
IS-2508 Conflict of Interest under Federal Projects, Administration
IS-2090 Court Leave, Human Resources
IS-1014 Data Classification and Handling, Communication
IS-2096 Deductions and Direct Deposit, Human Resources
IS-2506 Department Newsletters, AdministrationIS-2062 Disciplinary Action, Human Resources
IS-1820 Self-Insurance Reserve Fund, Financial Administration
IS-1818 Document Development and Production Services, Financial Administration
IS-1416 Driver Eligibility, Operations
IS-2098 Drug-free Workplace, Human Resources
IS-1812 Duplicating and Postal Center, Financial Administration
IS-1008 Email, Communication
IS-2030 Employee Assistance Program, Human Resources
IS-2052 Employee Categories, Human Resources
IS-2014 Employee Orientation, Human Resources
IS-2050 Employee Retirement Plan (ERA), Human Resources
IS-2078 Employee Status Change, Human Resources (under review)
IS-2004 Employment Separation, Human Resources
IS-1420 Energy Standards and Guidelines, Operations
IS-2008 Equal Employment Opportunity, Human Resources
IS-1410 Equipment Inventory Adjustment, Operations
IS-2002 Faculty and Staff Insurance Benefits, Human Resources (Under Review)
IS-2006 Family and Medical Leave, Human Resources
IS-2528 Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Administration
IS-1418 Fleet Vehicle Management, Operations
IS-2036 Flexible Spending Accounts, Human Resources
IS-2514 Hiring for Contract and Grant Funded Positions, Administration
IS-2022 Holidays, Human Resources
IS-2542 Identity Theft Protection Program, Administration
IS-2516 Independent Contractor Status Determination, Administration
IS-1002 Information Technology Use, Communication
IS-1012 Information Security Incident Response, Communication
IS-1013 Information Security, Communication
IS-1800 Internal Budget Revision, Financial Administration
IS-2010 Job Vacancies, Human Resources
IS-1412 Access Control, Operations
IS-2040 Layoff, Human Resources
IS-2094 Leave without Pay, Human Resources
IS-1812 Mail Services, Financial AdministrationIS-2092 Mandatory Training, Human Resources
IS-1400 Medical Emergency, Operations
IS-2034 Military Leave, Human Resources
IS-1004 Mobile Devices, Communication
IS-1414 Motor Pool, FacilitiesIS-1408 Notification of Scheduled Power Outages, Operations
IS-2046 Overtime and Other Paid Time, Human Resources
IS-2082 Pay Adjustments, Human Resources (Under Review)
IS-2076 Pay Grades, Human Resources
IS-1816 Pay On Invoice, Financial Administration
IS-2028 Performance Evaluation (under review), Human Resources
IS-2072 Personal Leave, Human Resources
IS-1806 Petty Cash Purchases, Financial Administration
IS-2526 Policy and Procedure Document Development, Administration (Under Review)
IS-2522 Political Activity, Administration
IS-1814 Procurement Card Program, Financial Administration
IS-2084 Professional Development, Human Resources
IS-1808 Purchase Requisitions, Financial Administration
IS-2520 Record Retention, Administration
IS-2101 Reporting Observed, Suspected, or Apparent Misconduct, Human ResourcesIS-2056 Sick Leave, Human Resources
IS-2538 Signature Authority and Approval, Administration
IS-2540 Small Unmanned Aircraft (Drones), Uncategorized
IS-2536 Smoking on Campus, Administration
IS-1406 Standard for Hazard Communication, Operations
IS-2510 Student Government Funds, Administration
IS-1005 System Access, Communication
IS-2048 Tax Deferred Annuities, Human Resources (Under Review)
IS-1002 Technology Use, Communication
IS-2086 Temporary Upgrade, Human Resources (Under Review)
IS-1802 Time Sheet / Leave Register, Financial Administration
IS-2512 Travel, Administration
IS-2054 Tuition Reimbursement / Educational Benefits, Human Resources (Under Review)
IS-2016 Unemployment Compensation, Human Resources
IS-2093 Workers' Compensation, Human Resources
IS-1804 Central Purchasing, Financial Administration
IS-1822 Investment Guidelines, Financial Administration