Making Money Work (BFIN 1110)

Learn financial concepts and how to manage your money in the real world in this dual credit course.

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Making Money Work - BFIN 1110

Personal Financial Planning for College Students (BFIN 1110) is a distance learning Dual Credit course taught online at your high school by a CNM instructor. The course is loaded with clear practical guides and will introduce you to financial concepts and teach you how to manage your money in the real world.

Students will learn:

  • Planning for unforeseen circumstances and budgeting your money
  • Understanding credit and credit history
  • Determining and planning your career path
  • Realistic starting salaries and positions
  • Budgeting for college and financial aid
  • Financing of cars and apartments
  • Paying taxes and understanding health, property and life insurance

Benefits to Students:

  • Learn essential real-life skills
  • Free tuition; no textbook is required
  • No Accuplacer scores or prerequisites required
  • Earn 3 college credits and 1 high school elective credit
  • Access to CNM labs, libraries, tutoring and advisement
  • Receive support from CNM instructor and high school facilitator
  • Approved Elective for several Business and Computer Information Systems degrees and certificates

Apply as a Dual Credit Student

Contact your high school principal or counselor to find out if your school offers BFIN 1110. You can also find open sections of BFIN 1110 on our Schedule of Classes.