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Information and tips for BFIN 1110/Making Money Work high school facilitators.

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For more information, email or call (505) 224-3352.

We are pleased that you will be offering BFIN 1110/Making Money Work at your high school location during the Fall 2022 term. BFIN 1110 is an online course taught by our CNM faculty and facilitated by an instructor/staff member at an approved high school. The role of the facilitator is vital to the students’ success in this course.

Facilitators have been emailed the course numbers for the BFIN 1110 sections that they are slated to offer, including the course registration number (CRN), facilitator name, and the date the class begins and ends.

Important Dates & Deadlines

Fall Term: Below are a few important dates for the Fall 2022 term, which also can be found here.

  • June 13: New & Returning Student Registration Begins
  • September 19: First Day of "12-week Late Start" Classes
  • September 30: Last Day to Drop "12-week Late Start" Classes Without a "W"
    • Dropping by this date will not show the class on the student's official college transcript.
  • November 5: Last Day to Drop "12-week Late Start" Classes With a "W"
    • Dropping by this date will show a "W" on the student's official college transcript. This may affect their financial aid eligibility in the future.
  • December 11: Last Day of Fall Term

Dual Credit Enrollment Reports

  • Fall 2022 Dual Credit Enrollment Reports are sent to designated HS Enrollment report recipients on Monday mornings beginning June 6, 2022, and ending November 4, 2022.
  • Fall 2022 Grades will be sent out to Dual Credit Grade Report Recipients by December 16, 2022. 

Tips for Facilitator Success

Ask your students to apply to CNM as a Dual Credit student as soon as possible!

Please share the following documents with your students to help them get started on becoming a Dual Credit student: 

  • Steps to Becoming a Dual Credit Student
  • myCNM Login Instructions
  • Register for Classes (How to Manually Enter CRNs). 
    • Admissions takes about 3-4 business days to process applications.
    • **Please note that CNM’s registration system has changed and students aren’t able to register for hidden courses in the new system. The attached Register for Classes (Enter CRNs) document is a step-by-step guide to help your students with the workaround to register for these hidden BFIN 1110 sections.
    • There is also a link to a video tutorial about this process in the Steps to Becoming a Dual Credit Student document.
  • Dual Credit Agreement Forms: Please have your students email you their Dual Credit agreement forms and then email them to us at
    • Please Note: Do not send us agreement forms without CNM ID numbers. This will require additional processing time. All information on the agreement form must be filled out.
  • Have your students registered for your BFIN 1110 section no later than Friday, September 9. 
    • While the BFIN 1110/Making Money Work course does not begin until September 19, students will not be able to register using the CRN you were provided with after September 9. 
    • CRNs will be closed in order for us to begin the collapsing process. This is the process where we combine different sections together based on enrollment to fill sections. 
    • Please Note: Your students may be moved to a different section during this process and your CRN may not be the same as above.
ATTENTION: Your CNM BFIN 1110 section is hidden and not on our public schedule of classes. Students must manually enter the course registration number (CRN) to register for your section.

    Other Important Information

    A few important items to help your Fall 2022 term go smoothly for you and your students:

    • Confirm your CNM class roster with your BFIN 1110 instructor the Monday before your class begins to ensure the list accurately reflects the students sitting in the class; if a student isn’t on the CNM class roster, then that student isn’t officially registered for the course and will not receive CNM college credit.
    • BFIN 1110 Facilitators should all have access to your assigned BFIN 1110 sections by September 19. 
    • Brightspace: Please make sure you and your students log in to to confirm you have access to the course. 
    • All communication with instructors and students regarding BFIN 1110 should be conducted through CNM email. 
    • A final grade of “D” or “F” is not acceptable for this course if it is required for graduation or as a prerequisite for other courses here at CNM. A final grade of “D” or “F” requires repeating this course. Please talk to your students about the importance of passing this course.