Making Money Work (FIN 1010)

Learn about financial principles in this dual credit course and become a Dual Credit Student Ambassador.

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Making Money Work (FIN 1010)

FIN1010 is a distance learning Dual Credit course taught online at your high school by a CNM instructor. The course is loaded with clear practical guides and will introduce you to financial concepts and teach you how to manage your money in the real world.

Contact your high school principal or counselor to find out if your school offers FIN 1010. Or contact us at or (505) 224-3352.

Additional Benefits

Become a Dual Credit Student Ambassador

High school students who have successfully completed or will complete Making Money Work: FIN 1010 and have at least one more semester left in high school are eligible to apply to the Dual Credit Ambassador program. This is an opportunity for high school students to motivate and support other students while earning a $300 scholarship to a college of their choice. Please refer to the documents below to find out more about the program.