Public Records Request

CNM Public Records Custodian

Michael Anaya
General Counsel
Legal Division

Phone: (505) 224-3000


As a public entity, CNM is responsible for making public records available for inspection. Pursuant to NMSA 1978, Section 14-2-7, the following notice is hereby given:

  1. Every person has a right to inspect CNM's public records.
  2. Public records requests may be made electronically by submitting your request using the form on this webpage. The name and telephone number of CNM's Records Custodian are provided on this web page.
  3. If a member of the public desires copies of any public records which such person has inspected, the following procedure shall be followed:

    1. The requester shall clearly identify the documents to be copied and the number of copies requested. It is preferred that this request be made in writing so that there is no chance of error.
    2. The copies shall be made as soon as is practicable under the circumstances. If the copies are not to be available within three working days, the custodian shall state in writing to the requester the delivery date for the copies and the reason for the delay.
    3. Records for the public shall be copied only by employees of the College. The College, at its option, is not required to produce any record without a written request.
    4. A fee, payable in advance, of $.20 per page is established for copying records as described herein, and the custodian shall provide a receipt for the fees paid in advance, upon request.
    5. A fee of $10, payable in advance, is established when the College provides records via thumb drive or similar electronic storage devices.

Request a Public Record

You can submit a request for items such as data, documents, emails, photos, texts, videos, and other records.

To submit a request for access to public records, pursuant to the New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act, fill out the form below.

Student Records

For student records, such as transcripts, visit Academic Records.