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CNM is here to support students with mental health and wellness needs.
If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please dial 988 for immediate assistance.

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Student Care & Concern Reporting Form

If you have concerns about a CNM student or employee who may be experiencing academic, personal, or emotional difficulties, please fill out our Student Care & Concern Reporting Form.

For questions or concerns, please contact Mia Mendoza, Wellness Director at (505) 224-4755

We provide:

  • Access to free or low-cost counseling

  • Access to support groups

  • Help with a variety of issues such as anxiety, depression, stress

  • Help creating positive study habits

  • Assistance with housing, job, and food resources

TAO Connect

All students now have access to TAO Connect, a free mental well-being service. TAO Connect provides hundreds of self-guided videos on topics such as managing stress as a student, supporting a loved one with addiction, and getting stuck in thought cycles. It even has guided meditation modules.

To sign-up, visit us.taoconnect.org and use your CNM email address to access the free service. For more information, please email Mia Mendoza at mmendoza80@cnm.edu or call (505) 224-4755. 

To Be Honest (tbh)

To Be Honest (tbh) is an online mental health space.

Mental health is for everyone. Whether you’ve done therapy before or not, tbh is a great place to build up a mental health routine. It’s like a gym for your mental health, or a place where you can proactively address what is on your mind and learn useful skills that will help you be happier.

Get the expertise of therapists and the support of other students in a friendly, casual space.

How Can tbh Help? 

Services are all free and personalized, and are available for you anytime, anywhere. 

1:1 Coaching

tbh coaches get to know you and suggest therapists who match your needs and experiences. You meet virtually with any therapist you like for unlimited weekly check-ins. 95% of our therapists are people of color, compared to the 14% national average for therapists.

Group Sessions

tbh will hand-pick a therapist and five to nine other students (from yours and other schools) who match your background and preferences, and provide you with a support community to meet with, virtually, once a week. You can talk or just listen to others speak – It's up to you.

Caring Text Support

tbh staff are humans, not bots. You can chat with the care team about anything you need. From the minute you sign up, tbh staff is here for you.

Sign up for tbh

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Active Minds

Active Minds is a nonprofit organization supporting mental health awareness through education, research, and advocacy. Active Minds seeks to open up conversations about mental health for young adults ages 14 - 25. 

The CNM Active Minds Chapter is a powerful force in the mental health movement. CNM students work to increase mental health awareness on all campuses, promote positive mental health, educate their peers about the signs and symptoms of mental health disorders, and encourage students to reach out for help when needed. Chapters play an important role in referring students to resources and starting conversations about this important topic.

Many members are students with an interest in mental health. We encourage students studying psychology, nursing, or human services to get involved, but anyone can join. 

Are you interested in getting involved with mental health education on campus? Contact Wellness CNM to learn more.

Community Resources


Find resources for mental health, including pages for college students.

Counseling Resources


Find resources for housing and resources for if you are currently homeless.

Housing Resources

Homeless Resources


Learn about CNM's Food Pantry and other local food resources.

Food Resources


Find resources to help you find employment.

Employment Resources

CNM's Office of Career and Job Placement connects you to a successful career. Get help with résumé writing, cover letters, interview skills, job searches, and more.

Office of Career and Job Placement