Student Clubs and Organizations

CNM’s student clubs and organizations are for students interested in a particular hobby, activity, or topic and want to connect with other students.

Starting a Club

Learn how to start a student group here at CNM.

If you would like further information, please contact the Student Activities Office at (505) 224-3238.

By joining a student group you can enhance opportunities for academic achievement which could to lead to a greater college experience and you’ll be able to network with your fellow students and other CNM community members. 

If you are interested in joining or would like more information, contact the CSC Advisor.

Clubs and Organizations 

American Sign Language

Contact: Julie Mason

Provide students with fun, extracurricular learning methods as well as the opportunity to gain real-world experiences.


Contact: Susan Ruth

Provide educational opportunities for students interested in Anthropology.

Association of General Contractors

Contact: Brian Lowery

To be an open forum for construction students who seek an opportunity for involvement in charity, community and networking among others building a career in the construction industry.


Contact: Jennifer Johnson

Stimulate foster and promote public interest in the art and education for our members. By organizing and funding workshops, exhibitions, art sales, study time, talks, museum tours, and a connection to the wider arts community. Supporting our members in the creative endeavors.

Black Student Union

Contact: Sonya Lara

To help students strive for academic excellence, encourage positive images of African Americans, and help students become an integral part of the CNM community. Visit the Black Student Union site.

Camera Acting

Contact: Sean Boyd

To improve members’ camera acting skills, prepare for auditions, create demo reels, and produce content.

Civic Engagement

Contact: Nicholas Aragon

This group will build student confidence by working together and making meaningful relationships while volunteering within our local community.

CNM Chronicle

Contact: Daniel Johnson

The CNM Chronicle is the student-run weekly newspaper publication serving more than 28,000 students, staff, and faculty. Learn more about the history of the CNM Chronicle or view the CNM Chronicle online.

CNM Dream Team

Contact: Nancy Valenzuela

The CNM Dream Team is a student led organization that focuses on immigrant rights and equal educational opportunities for all. We promote empowerment, leadership and development of immigrant students. 

CNM Electrical Association

Contact: Denise Ojeda

Promote student engagement, leadership, and learning by creating co-curricular experiences, resulting in a vibrant campus culture that will enhance the student journey at CNM. Organize electrical career educational workshops for CNM electrical trades students. Develop a robust network of mentors and counselors to assist students and alumni with trade seeking opportunities. 

CNM Entrepreneurship

Contact: Linda Shul

The mission of E-Club is to inform, support, and inspire college students, faculty and staff to be entrepreneurial and seek opportunity through enterprise creation.

Computer Science League

Contact: Chu Jong

To foster a culture of learning within the Computer Science community at CNM and to encourage members to seek opportunities to expand their knowledge. Students will be able to develop and fine-tune their skills.


Contact: Kerry Bruce

This student organization is dedicated towards the goal of improving group members’ technology, engineering, collaboration, and coding skills by working on group software and hardware projects and training for and participating in computer related competitions, events, and activities. 


Contact: Paul Polechla

To practice to promote horticulture and environmental sustainability at CNM and surrounding communities.


Contact: Leonard Madrid

To create an inventive and creative environment in which students work together to enhance communication skills and improvisational acting skills.

Open Language ESL

Contact: Laura Jijon & Katrina Crespin

To inspire and encourage the contributions of our diverse community.

Phi Theta Kappa


Alpha Upsilon Chi, CNM’s chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, rewards the hard work of students who excel academically, organizes service projects, and coordinates honors study topics.

Physical Therapy Association

Contact: Karen Browning

To gain professional, networking, and community service experience. To educate the community in the value of the profession of physical therapy.

Queer Cats

Contact: Brian Rasmussen

To provide a safe social and educational space for LGBTQ+ students, faculty, and staff. Welcoming a diverse population of ethnic, religious, political, and cultural values while promoting understanding and acceptance for those marginalized as a result of sexual orientation &/or gender identity. We support a campus environment that is free from prejudice, harassment, or violence. We provide social activities, educational programming, and advocacy with the goal of enhancing safety, acceptance, and quality of life with the CNM community.


Contact: Deborah Singh

Educating and communicating throughout New Mexico about radiologic technology.


Contact: Linda Shul

Rotaract is a club for men and women who are dedicated to community and international service.

Sociology & Criminology

Contact: Max Fitzpatrick

To facilitate sociological application in the community. Allow the CNM population to feel that sociology & criminology club is there for their support.

Student Nurses Association

Contact: Robin Fitzpatrick

To provide programs and opportunities for CNM nursing students to come together, support each other, and become involved in the healthcare community in a professional role as a student nurse.

Sunflare Photo

Contact: Stefan Batista

To collectively learn about photography and to offer an environment where students can express their creative ideas through photography.

USGBC Student Organization

Contact: Molly Blumhoefer

The mission/ purpose of the CNM Student Chapter of the United States Green Building Council is to organize students interested in Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) projects, concepts, volunteer opportunities, areas of studies, and career opportunities while promoting sustainability.