Registration Tools

As a CNM student, you can use EduNav and Degree Works to design your semester and register for the classes you need to graduate.

Understanding Class Types

CNM offers different class types to fit your schedule and learning style. Explore our class types and learn how to find them in the Schedule of Classes. 

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Registration Tools for an Organized Schedule

We know how important it is for students to have a plan for each semester. That's why CNM offers two tools to help you plan, select, and register for your courses: EduNav and Degree Works. Both of these tools are meant to be used together for the most beneficial planning experience. 

You can access both EduNav and Degree Works by logging into myCNM, or click on the tiles below to get started.

Important Notes

Need Assistance with EduNav?
For help with EduNav, check out the Registration department's collection of video tutorials.
Helpful EduNav Videos
Questions about Degree Works?
If you have questions about your Degree Works information, please schedule an appointment with CNM Advisement.
Contact CNM Advisement