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The CNM Chronicle is a student-written online news publication catering to Central New Mexico Community College.

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Written solely by students, The CNM Chronicle delivers stories of interest to students, faculty, and staff. The editorials focus on CNM, its campuses, and its attendees. The CNM Chronicle staff consists of work-study students as reporters, photographers, cartoonists, editors, and web designers. Student employees gain experience in the day-to-day functions of a news publication and the considerable work that goes into relaying information to the public.


The original iteration of what now is The CNM Chronicle began in 1994, as “The Vision.” Created by Shirley Lopez, who was the Secretary of SAT-IV (the student government, now known as ECOS), "The Vision" was a volunteer-based publication that printed its first four-page issue in November 1994.

In June 1995, "The Vision" became an independent publication from CNM (then TVI), and the student-run organization changed its name to "TVI Times." When TVI changed its name to CNM in June 2006, the paper changed its name to the "CNM Chronicle" and this form has remained since, with a minor update to “The CNM Chronicle” in recent years.

In May 2016, The CNM Chronicle became an online-only publication.