Future of Work: Free Lunchtime Speaker Series

Join us virtually on the fourth Friday of each month as we discuss the Future of Work, including workplace trends, business tools and leadership strategies.

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Two years ago, CNM began community conversations about how to prepare for the future of work. This year, the global pandemic thrust us into circumstances in which many of us are now experiencing future of work trends today. How will our recent experiences inform and shape the way we position our businesses, organizations and people to thrive post-pandemic? What workplace trend will continue to influence the future of work? How do we build resilient organizations in the face of accelerated change and new global challenges?

Our Future of Work: Free Lunchtime Speaker Series aims to explore these questions and many others as we learn to adapt and move forward together.

Join us virtually on the fourth Friday of each month from noon – 1 p.m. (MT) for any or all of our Future of Work Topics.

2021 Event Schedule

January 22

Business Growth & Resilience: Embracing Uncertainty

Many of our organizations enjoyed success by perfecting a product or service offering and sticking with it. Now, we must be willing to throw out the playbook and reimagine what matters to customers now. We’ll explore frameworks and tools leaders can use to embrace rapid and accelerating change, keep customer problems the focus and embrace uncertainty as opportunity.

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February 26

People First: Employee Engagement, Care and Well-being

As companies adjust to unprecedented changes in the work environment, the cultural shift required for embedding new ways of working demands a clear business change strategy, and most importantly, a deep understanding of employees’ needs. Join us to learn more strategies and pathways to focus on your priority: people first.

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March 26

Creating a Culture of Innovation From Within

Most businesses need innovation to remain competitive and overcome market conditions like COVID-19. Many businesses need to innovate themselves or be disrupted by outside forces like startups, venture capital or non-traditional competitors. How can businesses of any size create a culture of innovation that engages employees and drives meaningful innovation? How can business leaders prioritize and build a simple innovation ecosystem that is right for their business? Join John Bell, President of NextNow Digital, as he shares learnings working with brands like Travelers Insurance, Nestle, Ford Motor Company, Ogilvy and more. 

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April 23

Prioritizing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Talent acquisition, employee engagement, and team productivity are all impacted by how organizations are prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Join us to learn more from local experts, Michelle Melendez, City of Albuquerque's Director of Equity & Inclusion, and others on the why and how of DEI strategy.

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May 28

Effective Remote Collaboration

Whether your organization will be largely remote or in-person post-COVID, collaborating virtually will be a significant trend influencing work now and in the future. There are many challenges to effectively collaborating in remote/hybrid environments, but there are also many opportunities. Join us to learn more about the shifts in behaviors, skills, and tools needed for effective remote collaboration.

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June 25

Top Trends Shaping the Future of Work

If you want to future-proof your organization and stay relevant in a fast-moving world, you need to be in tune with the trends most likely to influence the future of work. Join us to learn more about the top future of work trends your organization can start planning for today.

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