CNM Montoya Campus

Located in Albuquerque, Montoya Campus features award-winning architecture, attractive landscaping, and spectacular views of the Sandia Mountains.
About Montoya Campus

Nestled in the Sandia foothills, the Montoya Campus opened in 1979 with an enrollment of 400 students. Named in honor of Senator Joseph M. Montoya (1915-1978), Montoya was a diligent legislator devoted to issues concerning agriculture, civil rights, education, healthcare, non-citizen US workers, and the economic well-being of his New Mexico constituents. Award-winning architecture, attractive landscaping, and spectacular views of the Sandia Mountains are the hallmarks of this 42-acre CNM campus.

The CNM Montoya Campus offers a wide variety of programs, classes, and services to help students succeed. A complete Student Services department guides students from admission through enrollment and offers assistance for financial aid, career exploration, job placement, and tutoring. The Montoya Campus Library contains more than 17,000 holdings along with a variety of databases. The campus is also equipped with a complete art studio and a state-of-the-art chemistry lab. 

CNM Montoya Campus Map

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Map of Montoya Campus

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Services and Resources

(505) 224-4000 ext. 25065, TW-105

Assessment Center
(505) 224-5761, TW-103

Cashier (parking permits)
(505) 224-3471, TW-104

Library Services 
(505) 224-5721, RB-101

One-Stop Services (IDs, Financial Aid, Admissions, ESL and GED signup)

(505) 224-5751, K-212

Suncat Salon Services
(505) 224-5034, RB-104

Tutoring at The Learning and Computer Center
(505) 224-5990, RB-101

TRIO Student Support Services
(505) 224-4375, option 2, TW-101

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