About Westside Campus

Westside campus entrance from the parking lot gate, photo.

Westside Campus
(505) 224-5301

10549 Universe Blvd NW
Albuquerque, NM 87114 (map)

The CNM Westside campus is located 22 miles from the Main Campus and sits on 109 acres in Ventana Ranch, about four miles west of Coors. Westside Campus serves the needs of many students and its enrollment continues to grow, attracting students from Rio Rancho, Taylor Ranch, Paradise Hills and Ventana Ranch communities. Due to its unique architectural style, the campus received an award in 2004 from the Association of General Contractors and NM Business Journal.

Side view of a building on the Westside Campus, photo.

The Westside campus opened in June 2003 with approximately 3000 students and it has 49 classrooms including five science labs and five computer labs. The campus offers classes in over 20 different disciplines and it includes an art studio, a nursing / phlebotomy lab, and a pharmacy studies lab.

Westside campus supports programs in the areas of business, communications, humanities, computer technology, mathematics, pharmaceutical technology, phlebotomy, and visual arts, helping students pursue careers in teaching, medical fields, and various technologies. Whether you are a traditional student in high school, transfer or returning student, the Westside campus has something for you.

Student support services onsite include: admissions, advisement, testing, registration, tutoring, library  services, food court, open computer lab and a learning center. Westside's professional staff and faculty are always ready to assist you with your quest for success.