Digital Media Lab

Image of CNM Sandoval County Digital Media Lab including image of blue and yellow electron.

Sandoval County Office of Business Development is partnering with CNM at the Rio Rancho Campus to establish a digital media training/internship for high school and college students. The laboratory setting and classes will provide an opportunity platform to provide students with a real world experience by pairing them with small businesses or community projects in Sandoval County to create websites, web designs, logos or videos for their marketing efforts. Apply here.

Medial Lab Presentations

Schools or organizations interested in presentations regarding technology or digital medial should contact Victoria Stark Romero at

Ingenuity Digital Media Labs

For companies outside of Sandoval County, Ingenuity Digital Media Labs provides motivating and meaningful educational and professional opportunities for students in New Mexico while meeting the digital media needs of local businesses. Learn more at Ingenuity Digital Media Labs.

CNM IGNITE Community

Interested in starting a business or in the Early-stage? You are invited to apply for CNM's IGNITE Community Accelerator. The Accelerator helps entrepreneurs gain business skills to accelerate the growth of their fledgling businesses through an intensive 10-week program.

For the IGNITE Community Accelerator, email 224-4000, ext. 53299. You can also visit their website.