Simulation Center for Advanced Training and Education

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High-fidelity Healthcare Simulation at CNM

CNM Faculty

If you want to develop simulation for your CNM class contact Drew Schneider, Simulation Education Specialist at .


If you would like more information on how CNM can help your healthcare organization develop custom training or refresher courses, please contact Angela Poppe, Program Coordinator at .

Fact Sheet

Sim CATe Facts Sheet (PDF)

CNM's LearningSpace System

LearningSpace is a video capture and management system that CNM uses during simulation based instruction.  Use the link below to sign in.


CNM's simulation program provides innovative high-fidelity simulation covering all age ranges.  CNM has adult, pediatric (3-7 years old), newborn, and birthing simulators.  We use CAE's LearningSpace system to record simulations in our labs and GoPro to record simulations outdoors and in other locations. 

The simulation team collaborates with faculty to create simulation based instruction for healthcare programs.

We also provide custom contract training for those wishing to develop effective training programs for their employees.

Our simulations cover a wide range of medical conditions and trauma.  The simulation team strives to create realistic moulage and settings for our simulations.


Provide innovative, effective, and modern simulation education that meets the needs of entry level and advanced learners in collaboration with our faculty and community partners.


Provide a safe environment for learners to apply knowledge, skills, and clinical behaviors to improve healthcare outcomes by promoting clinical application of knowledge and enhancing learning by providing opportunities for reflective practice.


  • Innovation and collaboration
  • Advancing practical application of simulation technologies
  • Promotion of Reflective Practice, Inquiry-Based Learning, and Immersive Learning
  • Supporting "Value-Added" student learning outcomes
    • Critical Thinking
    • Problem Solving
    • Decision Making
    • Workplace and professional behaviors


Embracing creativity, teamwork, celebrating success, achieving recognition for clinical excellence, innovative teaching and learning with a focus on clinically effective teaching and learning methods, positive learning environment.


  1. Support learner success through innovative learning activities.
  2. Provide practical instruction that prepares learners for clinical application in the modern workforce for Entry-Level, Advanced, Continuing Education, and Customized Training.
  3. Produce a positive effect on healthcare outcomes through simulation education.