Simulation Pictures

Manikin Moulage

Effective simulation allows the learner to see actual injuries and illness.  We create custom moulage (medical makeup and special effects) for our simulations.

Photo of simulation mannequin in a hospital gown sitting in medical bed.     Photo of simulation mannequin sitting on the floor with prescription bottles around it.      Photo of simulation mannequin with numerous circular sores around torso, arm, and face.

Trauma Moulage

Photo of simulation mannequin legs with a large open wound and various cuts.      Photo of simulation mannequin head with large abrasion to side of head.      Photo of infant simulation mannequin with red finger and hand marks on back.

Photo of simulation mannequin inside drive seat of car with bruise on forehead and blood pressure gauge on arm.     Photo of medical simulation mannequin with red tire track over chest and forearm.     Photo of child simulation mannequin laying on back outside on pavement.

EMS Simulation

Photo of 4 CNM emergency response students in outside simulation with medical bags.    Photo of 5 CNM students and 1 instructor in medical simulation outside around gurney and mannequin.    Photo of CNM students in medical simulation outside with gurney and CNM vehicle.

Photo of CNM simulation ambulance outside.    Photo of simulation mannequin laying on its back in stair case with a ladder.   Photo of medical simulation with CNM student and a gurney outside next to a CNM vehicle.

Photo of simulation mannequin laying on its back with a ladder in stairwell.   

Behind the Scene

Photo for CNM student and simulation mannequin at corner desk with laptop.           Photo of CNM student standing on a balcony of Jeanette Stromberg building.

Photo of CNM student sitting next to a simulation mannequin holding hands.          Photo of CNM student behind protective wall with noise protection headphones on.

Photo of 2 CNM students working on a medical simulation mannequin.

Halloween 2015

Photo of a mannequin laying in CNM haunted house with leg wound.           Photo of a mannequin hanging in CNM haunted house next to a ladder.

Our Building- Jeanette Stromberg

Photo from Jeanette Stromberg building facing CNM library at sunrise.          Photo of empty CNM parking lot and Jeanette Stromberg building at dawn.