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Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Alternative Teacher Licensure Program (ATLP) and resources that will assist in the application process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the ATL Program?

Completion expectations are dependent upon the licensure pathway:

  • Elementary Education, Special Education, and Early Childhood Education: 21 credit hours = 4 terms
  • Secondary Education: 18 credit hours = 3 - 4 terms
  • Dual pathways range from 24 - 27 credit hours = 4 - 6 terms

Our Program is designed for students to take 2 courses per term.  Most program coursework is offered each term: Fall, Summer, and Spring.

How much does the ATL Program cost?

Tuition & fees are approximately $75 per credit hour for Resident/In District CNM students.  

  • Special Education, Early Childhood Education, and Elementary pathways = 21 credit hours each
  • Secondary Education pathway = 18 credit hours 
  • Dual pathways range from 24 - 27 credit hours

**Tuition and fees are determined on a yearly basis and are subject to change, view CNM's Tuition Rates and Residency.

The GPA from my highest degree earned does not meet the 3.0 GPA requirement.  Will this prohibit me from being considered for the Program?

No. Individuals applying to the ATL Program who do not meet the 3.0 GPA requirement are allowed to take and pass an additional Praxis Assessment to fulfill this requirement.  

  • If applying for Early Childhood, Elementary, or Special Education licensure pathway(s) individuals will need to pass one of the following Praxis middle school content knowledge assessments:
    • Middle School English Language Arts (5047)
    • Middle School Science (5440)
    • Middle School Mathematics (5169)
    • Middle School Social Studies (5089)
  • If applying for the Secondary licensure pathway individuals will need to pass a secondary content knowledge assessment.  

A list of available Praxis content knowledge assessments can be found under Endorsements at:

Passing scores on content knowledge assessments will also qualify candidates as Highly State Certified and can be added as an endorsement to a teaching license.

Is there an option to pursue more than one licensure pathway? 


To better support the needs of our community, dual licensure for all General Education pathways (Elementary, Secondary, & Early Childhood) is strongly recommended with Special Education.  

Are there additional assessments I will need to take once in the program?

Yes.  Each licensure pathway does have additional assessments that are required for licensure.  These assessments must be completed before exiting our program.

Dual licensure students must satisfy the assessment requirements of both licensure pathways they are pursuing.

Please review the NMPED Assessment Requirements for Educators for further details.

ATLP Application Resources

2021 - 2022 Candidate Information Guide

Endorsement Areas - Typical Coursework Accepted

Praxis Assessments

CNM Assessment Center 

CNM Teacher Assessment Preparation

  • CNM Libraries offers Praxis Assessment preparation materials through the online database PrepSTEP
    • PrepSTEP with Job & Career Accelerator
      • Select 'College Library' > Career Preparation > Prepare for Teaching Exams 
        • Prepare for the Praxis Core Tests
        • Prepare for Praxis Subject Assessments

Financial Aid & Scholarship Resources

New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) Resources