Simulation Center for Advanced Training and Education

Learn more about the CNM Sim CATe program, including our vision, mission, values, culture, and goals.

High-fidelity Healthcare Simulation at CNM


Fact Sheet

Sim CATe Facts Sheet (PDF)

LearningSpace System

LearningSpace is a video capture and management system that CNM uses during simulation-based instruction. 


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CNM's Simulation Center for Advanced Training and Education (Sim CATe) program provides innovative, high-fidelity simulation covering all age ranges. CNM has multiple simulation manikins of different ages, including birthing, newborn, pediatric, and adult. We use CAE's LearningSpace system to record simulations both in the labs and outdoors. 

CNM commits to providing a safe, non-threatening and rich simulation environment for teaching, enhancing, and assessing knowledge, skills, and behaviors of learners through experiential (learning by doing) experiences. 

We also provide custom contract training for those wishing to develop effective training programs for their employees. 

Our simulations cover a wide range of medical conditions and trauma.The team strives to create realistic moulage and settings for our simulations. 


To collaborate with faculty and the community to provide innovative, effective, and modern simulation education that meets the needs of learners. 


To provide a safe and medically accurate environment for learners to apply knowledge and skills while promoting clinical application of curriculum. 


The Simulation Center for Advanced Training and Education program shares CNM’s core values

CNM Core Values


By embracing creativity, diversity, and teamwork, the simulation lab becomes a positive environment for both employees and learners.  


  1. Support learner success through innovative activities. 
  2. Provide practical instruction that prepares learners for clinical application in the modern workforce. 
  3. Produce a positive effect on healthcare outcomes through simulation education.