Attend Anywhere

If you think your schedule is too busy or unpredictable to allow for classes, think again: CNM's Attend Anywhere provides a traditional course with a non-traditional course-delivery approach.

New CNM Applicants

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You want to further your education, but don't see how with your busy schedule:

  • One week you might have time to attend class in person, but not the next.
  • You're sometimes free in the evenings, but not every evening. 
  • You know that education will improve your life and career. 

At CNM, we know that life circumstances can get in the way of your education. That's why we created Attend Anywhere. Take classes according to your schedule and your availability. 

Attend Anywhere Benefits

Attend Anywhere is an integrated course-delivery approach that follows a traditional syllabus. Expect a normal classroom experience with:

  • regularly scheduled lectures,
  • weekly assignments, and
  • exams as normal.

The difference is in the delivery, which allows you to attend each class:

  • in person,
  • through high-definition video-conferencing, or 
  • by watching recorded lectures.

You will be able to move back and forth between these three options at any given time during the semester, no matter which section you register for. 

Fall 2019 Attend Anywhere Classes

ACCT 2125 A01 74444 Main (SB 212)
ACCT 2125 A02 74440 DL
ACCT 2110 A03 76246 Main (SB 212) 
Westside (MJG 206)
ACCT 2110 A04 76749 DL
ACCT 1120
Main (SB 212)
ACCT 1120 A06 77473 DL
ACCT 2120 A07 76358 Montoya (H 123)
ACCT 2120 A08 74931 DL
BA 1325 A09 77359 Main (SB 212)
BA 1325 A10 77546 DL
BA 2325 A11 77413 Main (SB 212)
BA 2325 A12 77547 DL
CIS 1183 A13 74463 Main (SB 210)
CIS 1183 A14 77548 DL
CIS 1250 A15 76441 Main (SB 210)
CIS 1250 A16 77303 DL
CIS 2520 A17 74480 Main (SB 210)
CIS 2520 A18 76842 DL

Search for Attend Anywhere Classes

To browse the available classes: 

  1. Go to Browse Classes:

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  2. Select a term in the dropdown menu and click the continue button.

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  3. Click Advanced Search.

  4. Add Attend Anywhere in the Campus Field.

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  5. Click the Search Button.

  6. View search results.

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