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Topics Courses

Topics courses complement CNM’s regular course offerings in a subject area or program.

Topics Courses may emphasize subject matter or content introduced in other courses, offer content at a more advanced level, or present content that is not covered in other CNM courses.

Topics courses often change from term to term.


Topics Courses by Term

Spring 2017 Topics Courses

CIS 1096 Internet of Things
(CRN: 83201, 83964)

3 Credit Hours

(Prerequisite: IT 1010 Computer Concepts and Software Applications )

This course introduces students to the “Internet of Things” (IOT) and how physical or real-world devices, “things,” are increasingly being connected to, visible through, and controllable via the Internet and web technologies. In this course we will integrate elements from all the currently available CNM CIS Degrees/Certificate programs. This course is project based where students will work individually and in teams to explore and build IOT devices/solutions using System on a Chip (SOC) technologies like the Raspberry Pi and microcontrollers like the Intel Galileo. Finally, students will be given the opportunity to tackle a comprehensive project of their choosing in teams of three or four. At the end of the semester, all project teams will present their completed projects in an open colloquium.


CIS 2096 Computer Game and Simulation Development (CRN: 83200)

3 Credit Hours

(Pre-req and/or Co-req: CIS 1280)

Provides an accelerated introduction to developing computer games using C# and unity3D. In addition, student will learn to manage a team project using Agile project management skills. Course scope will cover Agile software development, working as a team, building assets, creating scenes in Unity, coding object behaviors. Students will learn to use Unity’s cross platform deployment capability to deploy a game to Windows, to the Web and to Android. Students will also learn to integrate game peripheral Software Development Kits like the Oculus Rift, Kinect and/or other systems.

Additional Notes: To do homework at home, student should have a computer capable of running Unity3D and Blender. See and for system requirements.

CSCI 2096 Robotic Programming, Modeling, and Simulation (CRN: 84178)

4 Credit Hours

Pre-requisite: Dept approval; Recommended pre-requisite: MATH 1415* (*Students must have working knowledge of advanced algebra for this course)

This course has three focuses: 1) modeling -- study the algorithms that mimic the process of natural selection to tailor these behaviors (ant) into efficient search strategies, 2) simulation -- learn how to use and modify the software that simulate the behavior where the modeling search algorithms were implemented, and 3) Robotics Programming -- apply object orient design and programming skills on the robots, Swarmies from NASA, to explore of the Moon, Mars, and asteroids requires the location and retrieval of local resources on extra-planetary surfaces.

CIS 2096 CIW DB Design Specialist Prep Course (CRN: 84331)

3 Credit Hours

(Recommended Prerequisite:  IT1010)

The Database Design Specialist course teaches students how to plan and design relational databases. You will learn about the theory behind relational databases, relational database vocabulary, and relational algebra. The course includes sections on Structured Query Language (SQL) and optimizing databases through normalization. You will apply your knowledge with hands-on labs designed to teach the intricacies of database design methodology and SQL. This course prepares candidates to take the CIW Database Design Specialist exam, which if passed earns the individual the Database Design Specialist certification.

GIS 1096-001: UAS (Drone) Rule 107 Exam Prep, Piloting and Applications (CRN: 84409)

3 Credit Hours (1 lab 2 theory)

(Prerequisites: None)

Recent changes in FAA rules have opened up a world of commercial and other opportunities for certified drone pilots. This course will prepare students to take the Rule 107 Exam (cost not included in course), and gain practice piloting fixed wing and rotary drones. In addition, students will learn how UAS are meeting needs and creating opportunities in: Surveying and Mapping, Urban Planning, Construction Management, Public Safety, Real Estate, Criminal Justice, Archaeology and countless other professions.

IRW 0796 Integrated Reading & Writing Bridge Class (CRN: 83934, 83935, 83936)

1 Credit Hour

(Prerequisites: None)

This three-week course offers both group and individualized learning activities to increase students’ readiness for IRW 0970. This bridge class supports students whose combined Accuplacer Reading and Sentence Skills score is below 74 by developing reading, writing, and other foundational skills needed to be successful in IRW 0970. Upon successful completion of IRW 0796, students may enroll in a 12-week IRW 0970 course. (15 theory hours)

IRW 0896 Integrated Reading & Writing Test Prep Class (CRN: TBA)

1 Credit Hour

(Prerequisites: None)

This course offers individualized, computer-based learning activities that increase students’ awareness of reading skills, sentence level skills, and test-taking strategies. Students begin the course with the Accuplacer Diagnostic for an evaluation of their reading and sentence level skills, receive instruction in areas of skill deficit, progress through a series of modules based on their needs, and finish the week-long course by re-taking the Accuplacer. The goal is to increase student’s reading, sentence level, and Accuplacer test-taking skills to test at college level, or skip one level of developmental IRW, or to increase exposure to language-development skills. (15 lab hours)

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Summer 2017 Topics Courses

FILM 1096: Documentary Film Making for Spanish Speakers
(CRN: 95467)

3 Credit Hours

Learn the art and science of documentary film making from a seasoned, industry professional and native Spanish speaker.  The course will guide students through crafting their film, from story development to camera and sound and more.  Course will be taught primarily in Spanish, so strong Spanish reading, speaking and comprehension skills are required. (75 contact hours)

GIS 1096: GIS FAA Exam Rule 107 Exam Prep
(CRN: 95468)

1 Credit Hour

Changes to FAA rules have opened up commercial and other opportunities for drone pilots, but only if you pass the FAA Rule 107 exam.  This course will provide you with all the information you need to pass the test and enter the exciting world of small Unmanned Aircraft.  Test fee not included in course. (15 contact hours)

TRDR 2096: Becoming a Truck Driving Owner/Operator
(CRN: 95406)

3 Credit Hours

How do you take your CDL to the next level by starting your own truck driving business?  This course will cover the basics of what you need to know to get started. (45 contact hours)

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