Topics Courses

Topics courses complement CNM’s regular course offerings in a subject area or program.

Topics Courses may emphasize subject matter or content introduced in other courses, offer content at a more advanced level, or present content that is not covered in other CNM courses.

Topics courses often change from term to term. Not all topics courses are financial-aid eligible.

Fall 2020 Topics Courses

CIS 1996 Introduction to Competitive Robotics (CRN: 74847)                                                3 Credit Hours

(Prerequisite: NONE)

Through the use of projects and hands-on exercises, students will learn to build and program small-scale robots using the Arduino and Raspberry Pi prototyping platforms to perform basic/intermediate navigation under program control, with various sensor inputs, using feedback and control techniques. 

FS 2796 Fire Instructor II (CRN: 74683)                                                                                      4 Credit Hours

(Prerequisite: Fire Instructor I & Department Approval)

This course is based on NFPA 1041: Standard for Fire Service Instructor Professional Qualifications and may lead to ProBoard and IFSAC certifications. The course is designed for the Fire Service Instructor, who, in addition to meeting Instructor I qualifications, wants to develop the knowledge and ability to develop individual lesson plans for a specific topic including learning objectives, instructional aids, and evaluation instruments; scheduling training sessions based on overall training plan of the authority having jurisdiction; and supervise and coordinate the activities of other instructors. 
(60 contact hours, lecture.)

FITT 2096 Employee Wellness Lab (CRN: 74607)                                                                      2 Credit Hours

(Prerequisite: None)

Want to spend your lunch break getting healthier this Fall Term? Register for CNM’s new Employee Wellness Lab! This 2 credit hour course will explore techniques for personal wellness and health.
IRW 0896 Accuplacer Test Preparation: Reading and Sentence Skills  (CRN: 74642) 1 Credit Hour

(Prerequisites: None)

This course is designed for students who want to improve their Accuplacer scores in Reading and Sentence Skills. Using computer-based and classroom learning activities, students will improve their skills in reading comprehension and sentence construction. Students will also learn test-taking strategies and will finish the course by re-taking the Accuplacer Reading and Sentence Skills tests. The class will be held in a computer lab. Please note: This course is not a replacement for IRW 0970 or IRW 0980.
(1 credit; 15 class hours over 1 week).

Summer 2020 Topics Courses

ARTS 2096 Jewelry Casting (CRN 92237)       

3 Credit Hours

(Prerequisites: ARTS 2208)

This course introduces students to a wide range of non-ferrous casting techniques. Sand Casting, cuttle-fish casting, centrifugal casting, vacuum casting and experimental casting will be covered. Students will learn to carve waxes and cast non-wax objects. Students will create spruce trees, invest waxes, schedule/program burnout and participate in pouring their castings.

BIO 1996 Horticulture in Central New Mexico (CRN 92298)

4 Credit Hours

(Prerequisites: None)

This course is designed as a lower level introductory survey of gardening techniques applicable to the local semi-arid as well as global arid environments. The approach is a comparison and contrast in the efficacy of ancient and modern horticultural practices. In the face of predicted worldwide climatic changes. It will highlight the contributions of the ethnic groups of people indigenous and non-indigenous of native New Mexico and Meso-American plus non-native naturalized domestic crops.

FITT 2096 Employee Wellness Lab (CRN: 92313 and 92314)

2 Credit Hours

(Prerequisite: None)

Want to spend your lunch break getting healthier this Summer Term? Register for CNM’s new Employee Wellness Lab! This 2 credit hour course will explore techniques for personal wellness and health.

FITT 2196 Boot Camp (CRN: 92346)                                   

1 Credit Hour

(Prerequisite: None)

Challenge yourself with this fast-paced, calorie-blasting workout, using the traditional Boot Camp style approach. The class incorporates group and interval training, body weight exercises, lifting weights, suspension training, plyometrics, and competitive games. Boot Camp is geared toward all fitness levels. Modifications are always offered for the beginner to the advanced. 

MUS 2096 Introduction to Guitar (CRN 92130)

3 Credit Hours

(Prerequisites: IRW 0970 or appropriate placement score)

This course is designed for students with little to no guitar playing experience. It is an introduction to the guitar and to some of the basic elements of music. The focus, as described by the title of the course, will be upon learning guitar in a group setting and will cover a repertoire in various styles designed for beginning students. After having satisfactorily completed this course, you will have obtained the technical skills needed to play several songs on the guitar in multiple styles and to improvise and compose simple melodies and harmonic progressions. Furthermore, you will have gained an understanding of music notation and tablature and will have developed a deeper understanding of and ability to recognize, correctly identify and describe the elements of music. Students must provide their own guitar and bring it to all class sessions.