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Topics Courses

Topics courses complement CNM’s regular course offerings in a subject area or program.

Topics Courses may emphasize subject matter or content introduced in other courses, offer content at a more advanced level, or present content that is not covered in other CNM courses.

Topics courses often change from term to term.





Fall 2015 Topics Courses

BIO 1096 Introduction to Natural Resources (CRN: 78926)

2 Credit Hours

(Prerequisite: None)

This course is designed to introduce students to topics of study and career opportunities in natural resource fields.  Students will conduct field activities in the areas of ecology, forestry, range, fisheries and wildlife management utilizing the scientific method. Field trips may be conducted during the class period, or may require additional time (Saturday field trips). 

BIO 1196 Evolution Medicine (CRN: 78927)

3 Credit Hours

(Prerequisite: BIO 1410)

Develop an appreciation of what is “normal” for human health by using the biological lens of evolution.  Evolution can give us great insight into the function of the body, modern disease and even behavior.  This approach is now being embraced by the medical community.  Topics will include pathogen antibiotic resistance, microflora-host interactions, auto-immunity, mental health, cancer, gene-environment mismatches, and the sources of chronic inflammation that underlie most common western diseases.  Instructor mini-lectures with “journal club” style presentations and discussions by students.

ECME 2096 Teaching Science and Mathematics in a Bilingual Early Child Classroom (CRN: 78766)

3 Credit Hours

(Prerequisite: None) (This course is taught primarily in Spanish)

This course will be taught in Spanish to engage bilingual early childhood teachers PreK-3rd to develop fundamental concepts and skills for teaching math and science to young children. Projects will involve hands-on pedagogical methods and will focus on activities which promote strategies that encourage inquiry. The principal focus will be creative problem-solving, avoiding memorization and rote learning of concepts.

ENG 0896 English Test Prep (CRN: 78814)

1 Credit Hour

(Prerequisite: None)

The English Test Prep provides students with the opportunity to improve their skills on the Accuplacer sentence skills test to college-level in five class sessions. Students will receive an individualized study plan containing the material needed to improve their sentence skills so that they can score higher on the English Accuplacer test and possibly test out of ENG 0750 and/or ENG 0950. Please note:  This test prep is not a replacement for either ENG 0750 or ENG 0950. (20 hours)

EPS 1196 Dinosaurs (CRN: 78817)

3 Credit Hours

(Prerequisite: RDG 0950; recommended Prerequisite: BIO 1010 or EPS 1101)

"Dinosaurs" is a survey of the fossil record, evolution, paleobiology and extinction of dinosaurs, and the animals they shared this earth with.  This course is similar to UNM's E&PS 211 - Dinosaurs and Their World.

FILM 1096 Shooting Your Story: How to visualize your story in motion for a camera to record and ultimately an audience to view (CRN: 78930)

3 Credit Hours

(Prerequisite: None)

This three-credit online class covers basic filmmaking shot composition and story development for different movie genres. By using their own smartphone to visually record short clips, students will explore the essential movie-making elements—lighting, sound, and set decoration—that support the camera department as they develop their own visual story.

FILM 1296 Fabrication for Film (CRN: 78931)

3 Credit Hours

(Pre- or co-requisite: None)

This three-credit course introduces students to the basics of props & models and the various functions of the “props” department in the motion picture industry.

GEOG 1096 Geography of Food (CRN: 78521)

3 Credit Hours

(Prerequisite RDG 0950)

This course will cover the origins of the food we eat, its geographic roll in human history, and its cultural importance in societies.  We will look at the state of our food, its production and availability in the world today, particularly in the U.S., its relevance to the economy, its impact on the environment, and its effect on nutrition.

MATH 0896 MATH 0940 Test Prep (CRN: 78690)

1 Credit Hour

(Prerequisites: MATH 0930)

The Math Test Prep is designed for students who just need a “refresher” on the topics of systems of equations, polynomials, factoring, and solving quadratic equations. Using computer software, students will receive an individualized study plan based on what math skills they need to improve on so that they can score higher in the MATH Accuplacer test and possibly place into MATH 1310 in five class sessions. Please note:  This test prep is not a replacement for MATH 0940. (20 hours)

MUS 2096 Guitar I (CRN: 78765)

3 Credit Hours

(Prerequisites: RDG 0950 or appropriate placement scores)

This course is designed for students with little to no guitar playing experience.  It is an introduction to the guitar and the elements of music.  Students will learn strumming and fingerstyle techniques as well as how to read rhythms and some music notation.  The content will include music of various styles. Students must supply their own acoustic guitar.

NUTR 2096 Weight Loss Secrets (CRN: 78523)

1 Credit Hour

(Prerequisite: None)

This course examines the current research regarding energy balance and body weight and body weight education in adults.  Students will practice behavior.  Commercial programs and alternative weight loss methods will be evaluated.  Strategies for long-term maintenance of weight management goals will be addressed.

RDG 0896 Reading Test Prep (CRN: 78815)

1 Credit Hour

(Prerequisites: None)

The Reading Test prep provides students with the opportunity to improve their reading skills to college-level reading in five class sessions. Students will receive an individualized study plan containing the material needed to improve their reading skills so that they can score higher on the Reading Accuplacer test and possibly test out of RDG 0750 and/or RDG 0950.

Please note: This test prep is not a replacement for either RDG 0750 or RDG 0950. (20 hours)


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