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With EduNav, you can design your plan and navigate your course path to graduation with ease.

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We are phasing in EduNav, an always up-to-date, personalized, optimal course-planning application. If you are part of the roll out, you will have access to this great course planning tool! If you are not part of this roll out, you will be added soon!

Degree Works

You will still find all your program requirements in Degree Works, but EduNav will show you the best way to meet those requirements quickly and with cost efficiency.

The following programs will have access to EduNav:

  • Communication, Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Anthropology AA
    • American Sign Language, Certificate of Completion
    • Bench Jewelry, Certificate of Achievement
    • Child Development, Certificate of Achievement
    • Concentration AA
    • Communication AA
    • Early Childhood Multicultural Education, Birth-3rd Grade Teacher Concentration AA
    • Early Childhood Multicultural Education, Early Childhood Program Administration
    • Early Childhood Multicultural Education, Infant Family Studies Concentration AA
    • Concentration AA
    • Communication AA
    •  English AA
    • Fine Arts, Art History Concentration AA
    • Fine Arts, Art Studio Concentration AA
    • General Studies, Certificate of Completion
    • History AA
    • Liberal Arts AA
    • Modern Languages, American Sign Language Concentration AA
    • Modern Languages, Spanish Concentration AA
    • Political Science AA
    • Psychology AA
    • Social Justice, Certificate of Achievement
    • Sociology AA
    • Spanish Interpreter, Certificate of Completion
    • Spanish Language, Certificate of Completion
    • Sustainability, Certificate of Achievement
    • Teacher Education, Elementary/Special Education Concentration AA
    • Teacher Education, Secondary Concentration AA
    • Theatre AA
  • Math, Science, and Engineering
    • Biology AS 
    • Biotechnology AS
    • Biotechnology Certificate
    • Chemistry AS
    • Engineering AAS
    • Mathematical Sciences AS
    • Nutrition AS
    • Pre-Health Science, General Health Sciences  AA
    • Pre-Health Science, Pre-Nursing Concentration  AA
    • Pre-Health Science, Pre-Medical Concentration  AS
    • Pre-Health Science, Pre-Medical Certificate of Completion
  • Business and Information Technology
    • Accounting AAS
    • Accounting, Certificate of Completion
    • Business AA
    • Business Administration, Concentration  AAS
    • Business Administration, Certificate of Completion
    • Business Administration, Business Analytics Concentration  AAS
    • Business Administration, Entrepreneurship Concentration  AAS 
    • Business Administration, Project Management Concentration  AAS
    • Business Administration, Retail Management Concentration  AAS
    • Business Analytics, Certificate of Completion
    • CIS Network Administration
    • CIS Systems Administration
    • CIS Web Programming
    • Computer Information Systems, Computer Support Specialist Concentration AAS
    • Computer Information Systems, Computer Programming Certificate AAS
    • Computer Information Systems, Cyber Security Concentration AAS
    • Computer Information Systems, Digital Media Concentration AAS
    • Office Technology, Office Administration Concentration
    • Online Teaching & Learning
    • Computer Science AS
    • Culinary, Culinary Arts Concentration AAS
    • Customer Service, Certificate of Completion
    • Digital Media Marketing, Certificate of Completion
    • Entrepreneurship, Certificate of Completion
    • General Business, Certificate of Completion 
    • Office Administration, Office Administration Concentration AAS
    • Office Administration, Certification of Completion
    • Office Receptionist, Certification of Completion
    • Project Management, Certificate of Completion
    • Retail Management, Certificate of Completion
  • Health, Wellness, and Public Safety
    • Cosmetology AAS 
    • Criminal Justice AAS 
    • Dental Assisting
    • Emergency Medical Services (EMT-B, Certificate of Achievement
    • Exercise Science and Wellness AAS
    • Fitness, Certificate of Completion
    • Medical Assistant
    • Medical Laboratory Technician AAS
    • Nail Technician, Certificate of Completion
    • Nursing AAS
    • Nursing Assistant, Certificate of Achievement
    • Paralegal Studies AAS
    • Paralegal Studies, Post Degree Certificate of Completion
    • Patient Care Technician, Certificate of Completion
    • Phlebotomy Technician, Certificate of Achievement
    • Yoga Instructor, Certificate of Completion
  • Applied Technology
    • Automotive Service Fundamentals, Certificate of Achievement
    • Automotive Technology, Certificate of Completion
    • Construction for Film, Certificate of Completion
    • Electrical Trades, Certificate of Completion
    • Film Crew Technician, Certificate of Completion
    • Film AAS
    • Film Production AAS
    • Post Production Technician, Certificate of Completion
    • Transportation Technology, Automotive Technology Concentration AAS
    • Truck Driving
    • Welding, Certificate of Completion
    • Welding Technology AAS

To find EduNav, log in to myCNM and look for the link under Academic Advisement.

What You Can Expect

  • Real-Time Course Planning
    A customized, personal plan designed by you all the way to graduation, EduNav provides the most current course options available.
  • Feedback to Keep You on Plan
    You will receive suggestions that can help you reach your goals sooner, and you will receive feedback on how decisions to move away from your plan affect time-to-completion.
  • An Easy Transfer
    EduNav will assist you with an easy transfer to the next stage of your education. You will know exactly where you're at and where you need to go to get there.
  • Explore Different Schedule Scenarios
    You will be able to experiment with the current available schedule, or plan courses to understand how your decisions affect time to graduation.
  • Download a Report
    Download a report that provides details on your academic history, your current schedule, how your progress measures against degree requirements, and the financials behind it all.