Transfer to CNM

Get credit at CNM for previous credit earned at other institutions.

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Contact an academic coach to get help with the transfer process.

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You can transfer to CNM online through the process described below, or complete the transfer process in person at the Main Campus Student Services Center or Connect Centers at other branch campus.

Apply to CNM

The first step in the transfer process is to Apply to CNM.

Be sure to select Transfer Student as your application student type. This will help you avoid unnecessary holds on your account.

Credit for Prior Learning

If you have received training or performed related work experience, you may qualify for credits at CNM.

Submit Official Transcripts

After you have completed your application, request official transcripts from each institution you have previously attended and send them to:

CNM Records Office
525 Buena Vista SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

The transcript evaluation process will help us determine if prerequisites are met and appropriate course planning.

Apply for Financial Aid

Financial Aid & Scholarship Services can help you apply for Financial Aid.

You may be able to transfer your financial aid or other funding sources including veteran benefits and scholarships to CNM.

Meet with an Academic Coach and Run a Degree Evaluation

You can meet with an Academic Coach in person, by email, through online chat, or over the phone.

To find out if you can complete a certificate or associates degree at CNM with your transfer credits, meet with an academic coach or run a degree evaluation through your myCNM account, graduation tab. To take advantage of all your previous course work, make sure to submit all official transcripts.

Register for Classes

Check the class offerings for the upcoming term in the schedule of classes. When you're ready, register for classes through myCNM.

Classes that Transfer to CNM

Check our public Transfer Evaluation System (TES) to find out how many of your classes transfer to CNM. The TES system holds all of the course equivalencies for courses transferred to CNM.

To search for transferable classes, go to the Transfer Evaluation System, search for the school of your choice, and then click on the school name. Then search for the course prefix (e.g., BIO) or scroll through the alphabetized list to find your class. The CNM column provides information about the current equivalency for the course.

Find out how transfer credits are evaluated and why some courses may need further evaluation at CNM. View our catalog to read about state general education common core, CNM’s approved list of transfer degree general education coursework.

Transferring From CNM

If you are transferring to CNM with the intention of transferring to a university, transfer events can be found on the CNM calendar. You can also review the Transfer from CNM page and view the transfer pathways where CNM has partnered with local and national universities.