How to Read the CNM Course Catalog


Subject Course

Includes the title of the class, CRN, subject and course number.

  • CRN (Course Reference Number) is a unique number for each course used when registering for classes.
  • Subj (Subject) is the course subject, identified with a three or four letter prefix.
  • Crse (Course) number is identified with four numbers. Courses below 1000 are developmental; courses numbered 1001-1999 are freshman level; courses numbered 2001-2999 are sophomore level.


The general location of the class. Off campus locations can be located in the "Schedule of Classes-Schedule & Information Guide" or by contacting the school in which the class is offered. The location of all online classes is "off campus."


The number of credits for class.


The times of the day that the class meets. Some class meeting times are listed as TBA (To Be Arranged). Contact the school in which the class is offered or the instructor for more information.


The days the class meets.

  • M=Monday
  • T=Tuesday
  • W=Wednesday
  • R=Thursday
  • F=Friday
  • S=Saturday
  • U=Sunday


The building and room location of the class.

Date Range

The dates the class will begin and end.


The instructor(s) of the class.


The maximum number of students allowed to enroll in the class.


The number of students enrolled in the class.


  • Active or New is a class in which registration is or will be allowed based on the registration calendar.
  • Cancelled or rescheduled is a class removed from the active/new class offering.


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