How to Read the Schedule of Classes

Find out how to browse classes and learn terminology, such as CRN (Course Reference Number).

Screenshot of Schedule of Classes Search Results

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Browse Classes: The labels are: Title, Subject Description, Course Number, Section, Hours, CRN, Term, Instructor, Meeting Times, Campus, Status.

Search Results: “Title” contains a hyperlink to more information about the course: Bookstore link, Course Description, Co-requisites, Pre-requisites, if the class is part of a linked section, Waitlist information, Catalog information. Includes the title of the class, CRN, subject and course number.

  • CRN (Course Reference Number) is a unique number for each course used when registering for classes.
  • Subject is the course subject, identified with a three or four letter prefix.
  • Course Number is identified with four numbers. Courses below 1000 are developmental.(Dual Credit students must take 1000 level and above or complete a special request through the Admissions office.)
  • Section is the number given to differentiate courses with the same subject and course number.
  • Hours: The number of credits for class.
  • Instructor: The instructor(s) of the class.
  • Meeting Times: The days the class meets are highlighted in blue under the Meeting Times label. You can view the building and room location of the class and the dates the class will begin and end. Some class meeting times are listed as TBA (To Be Arranged). Contact the school in which the class is offered or the instructor for more information.
  • Campus: The general location of the class including in person or Off campus locations can be located under the Campus label. The location of all online classes is "online".
  • Status: The maximum number of students allowed to enroll in the class, the amount of seats that are available to register for, the maximum amount of students who can waitlist, the amount of waitlist seats that are available to waitlist for.
  • Textbooks/Bookstore links: Under the Title label you can click on the course name for links to the CNM bookstore.


  • Cancelled or rescheduled is a class removed from the active/new class offering.     
  • Although functionality is similar these instructions are meant for non-mobile devices

More Examples:

Distance Learning Multiple Meeting Lines

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Distance Learning Blank Lab Line

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