Jump Start Learning Communities

Take two linked classes in the same term to complete your degree requirements sooner.

Move faster toward your degree!

Jump Start options for students entering Math 0970, Math 0980 or IRW 0980.

What is a Jump Start Learning Community?

Jump Start Learning Communities allow students who are eligible for Math 0970, Math 0980 or IRW 0980 to “jump” straight into college-level English, Math, Psychology or Sociology classes that they need for their degrees.  Students who enroll in a Jump Start Learning Community can get extra support in Math or English while they are taking their college-level class.  It also enables students to move faster toward their degrees, completing two levels in one term rather than in two terms.

What are the benefits for students?

  • Students will receive additional support through their first college-level class in English, Math, Psychology or Sociology.
  • Students can start college-level courses right away, without having to wait until the next term.
  • Students will build confidence in their college-level class through intensive study.
  • Students earn credit for two classes but need to purchase only one textbook.

How can students register for Jump Start Learning Communities?

Students must register for both the college-level course and the support course as a pair, and dropping one of those classes will lead to being dropped from the other. To enroll in a Learning Community, students must register using the ADD/DROP option in the myCNM Registration tab, and enter both CRNs.