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A fresh, affordable start awaits when you transfer to CNM. Join the premier community college in New Mexico and create your future.

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Maybe you're ready to restart the degree you put on hold. Perhaps you have a degree and your goal is a different career. It's possible you had an unsatisfactory experience at another college, and want to give your education a second chance.

Whatever your reason, transferring to CNM can only help your future.

Spanning multiple campuses in the Albuquerque area and hosting 150+ associate degrees, certificates, and training options, learn at the speed that suits your lifestyle and do it affordably. We are proud of our institution, its capabilities and the diverse city and state in which it resides. We are confident that your transfer experience will be beneficial.

You can transfer to CNM online through the simple process described below, or complete the transfer process in person at the Main Campus Student Services Center or Advisement Centers at other branch campus. A quality and affordable education awaits you, so get started. 

How to Transfer to CNM

Credit for Prior Learning

If you have received training or performed related work experience, you may qualify for credits at CNM.

Apply to CNM: Be sure to select Transfer Student as your application type when you apply. Shortly after applying you will be contacted by one of our Navigators - they will help you in the new student process.

    Submit Official Transcripts: Request official transcripts from each institution previously attended and send them to CNM Records Office, 525 Buena Vista SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106. Hard-copy transcripts are considered official when they arrive in a sealed, stamped, official envelope with the seal and any other security feature intact. Electronic transcripts are considered official when received from a secure site formally linked to the sending institution or testing service. Academic records received in any other condition, such as transcripts that arrive in an unsealed envelope, that you email or upload yourself, or that are printed from the school portal, are not considered official.

    Apply for Financial Aid: Financial Aid & Scholarship Services can help you apply for Financial Aid. You may be able to transfer your financial aid or other funding sources including veteran benefits and scholarships to CNM.

    Meet With an advisor and Run a Degree Evaluation: Meet with an advisor in person, by email, through online chat, or over the phone. To determine how your credits transfer to CNM, run a degree evaluation through your myCNM account, graduation tab, or meet with an advisor. 

    Determine Which Classes Will Transfer to CNM: Check our public Transfer Evaluation System (TES) to find out how many of your classes transfer to CNM. The TES system holds all of the course equivalencies for courses transferred to CNM.

    Register for Classes: Check the class offerings for the upcoming term in the schedule of classes. When you're ready, register for classes through myCNM.

    Angelica Cave's CNM Transfer Story

    photo of Angelica Cave
    Read about one of our students, Angelica Cave, who began her journey at CNM and is now working on a Master's degree in Biology.