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Services, Workshops, & Resources

Staffed by experienced business people, the SBDC is part of the New Mexico Small Business Development Center Network (NMSBDC).

The Albuquerque Small Business Development Center provides valuable assistance to owners of small businesses and to individuals considering starting a business. The SBDC links federal, state, and local resources to assist the potential or existing small business owner in achieving their business goals.

The SBDC specializes in consulting and training and in providing resources and referrals. SBDC clients receive assistance in areas such as:


If you have an idea for a new business, come see us at the SBDC. We can help you explore the potential for success of your idea. If you are starting a business, we can help you launch it. If you are already in business, the SBDC may be able to help you improve efficiency and increase profits. No matter where you are in the business growth cycle, we can help. All information is kept confidential and counseling services are provided free of charge. The first step to utilizing the counseling services at the SBDC is to attend the Pathways to Success workshop, sign up now!


Taught by local professionals and experienced small business owners, Albuquerque SBDC workshops are available to the public for a modest fee. Workshop topics can include writing a business plan, basic bookkeeping, Intro to QuickBooks Pro, understanding financial statements, practical market research, choosing a legal form, and many more. The SBDC workshops are developed to meet the needs of the small-business people that attend.

Procurement Resources

The Albuquerque SBDC also hosts Lenny Bean, PTAP Advisor for the NMSBDC/Procurement Technical Assistance Program (PTAP). Lenny will be able to assist anyone with governmental contracts, bid preparation, requests for proposals, governmental marketing strategies, and more. Contact Lenny via (505) 224-5966 or the Albuquerque SBDC main number at (505) 224-5250.