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Key Processes

Academic Affairs Dates to Remember

 Academic Affairs Key Processes Review/Update Schedule

Academic Affairs College Communication Log

  Academic Affairs Master Plan


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Curriculum Processes

Catalog Process


Post Production Catalog Corrections

Credit Hour Guidelines

Curriculum Change Review Process (CCC)



Peer Institutions comparison Templates

Perkins Grant

Program Fees

Program Review

Student Academic Assessment Committee

Transfer Agreements

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Faculty Processes

Chair Council

Classroom Observation

Faculty Peer Online Classroom Observation

Course Evaluations

Course Release and Project Compensation Process

Course Repeat Limit

Distance Learning

Faculty Evaluation Process

Full-Time Faculty

Part-Time Faculty

Faculty Information

Faculty Leave and Substitute Payroll Process

Faculty (Part-Time) Assignment Process

Faculty (Part-Time) Internal Instructor Pools

Faculty (Part-Time) Occasional Compensation Process

Convocation and CTL Attendance

Faculty (Part-Time) Employment Separation Process

Faculty Schedules and Office Hours

Gradebook Procedures and Policy

Mentoring Process


Student Grade Appeal Process

Student Registration Appeal Process

Textbook Adoption Procedure

Two Term to Three Term Chair Assignment

Workload - Offsets and Overloads Process

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Administrative Support Staff Processes

Procurement Reporting Tool

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Position Hiring Process

Position Management

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Property Control Process

Equipment Replacement Process

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Small Projects Process

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