Academic Affairs and Faculty Processes

Instructions, forms, and relevant information to guide faculty through the Academic Affairs processes and systems to insure compliance and consistency.

Attend Anywhere

Chair Council

Classroom Observation

Competency-Based Education (CBE)

Computer Classroom and Lab Software Process

Convocation and CTL Events

Course Evaluations

Course Release and Project Compensation

Course Repeat Limit 

  • Definition - The number of times a course may be repeated.
  • Policy - Students may, in most cases, attempt the same course two times without restriction. Read more about the Course Repeat Process.

Coverage at Multiple Campus Locations 

Credit for Prior Learning

Disability Related Course Substitution for Program Requirements

Distinguished Faculty

Dual Credit Academic Progress Form

Early Alert

Evaluations (Performance)

  • Performance Evaluation Policy and Procedure (under review)

Evaluation Performance Forms

Exception for Face-to-Face Instruction Process

Faculty Credentials

Faculty Evaluations

Full-Time Faculty 

Part-Time Faculty

Faculty Feedback

Faculty Information

Faculty Leave and Substitute Payroll

Faculty (Part-Time) Assignment

Faculty (Part-Time) Course Scheduling Pool Documents

Faculty (Part-Time) Hiring Process

Faculty (Part-Time) Instructor Secondary Position Request

Faculty (Part-Time) Occasional Compensation

Faculty (Part-Time) Employment Separation

Faculty Peer Online Classroom Observation

Faculty Schedules and Office Hours

Faculty Substitute Protocol

Fall 2020 Face-to-Face Instruction Process

Gradebook Procedures and Policy

Innovation & Instructional Support

Instructional Grade Appeal 

Intersession Courses

Mentoring Process

Micro-credentialing Initiative



Student Registration Appeals

Student Supports and Resources



Textbook Adoption Process

Trifecta Project Compensation

Two Term to Three Term Chair Assignment

Workload: Offsets and Overloads