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Student Activities Office

ABQ Ride Passes

All CNM students are eligible to receive a free bus pass for all ABQ Ride buses.

To obtain a bus pass sticker, please bring your CNM student ID to a Student Activities Office at any of the campuses. A sticker will be adhered to your CNM student ID and you'll have free access to ABQ Ride buses for the 2013-14 academic year. You must be registered for classes in order to be eligible for a bus pass.

CNM Student Activities Office Services

Student Activities Office Locations

Main Campus
SSC 1stFloor between Registration Center and Admissions Office

Montoya Campus

TW 207

South Valley Campus
SV 40

Westside Campus
WSII 104-H

Rio Rancho Campus
For parking permits and bus passes, please go to the Admissions Office for assistance

Advanced Technology Center
For parking permits and bus passes, please go to the front reception desk for assistance


All CNM parking lots, both paid and non-paid, require a parking permit to be properly displayed. Non-paid General Parking Permits can be picked up at any Student Activities Office at all CNM Campuses. Check the hours of operation.

For either a paid or non-paid parking permit, all CNM community members (student, faculty & staff) must register their vehicle on-line through their myCNM account.

Paid and Non-Paid General Permits

For non-paid general & paid parking permits, please follow these steps:

  • Log-in to your myCNM Account
  • In the "Transportation" Channel, click the "CNM parking permits" link
  • Enter your Driver's License Number, State it was issued & Emergency Contact Information.
    • Press Continue
  • Next Page, select "CNM Parking Permits"
  • Next Page, select "Semester" & click continue
  • Next Page, select the permit type that you wish to request and click continue
  • Enter and submit your vehicle information
    • If you have more than one vehicle, please enter the vehicle information for each separately.
  • Make sure to "select" your vehicle and then press "process CNM permit request"
    • Once your vehicle is fully registered, you will receive a "Parking Permit Confirmation" page

Picking Up Your Permit

Locations to pick up your non-paid general parking permit – good for all general parking lots:

Main Campus Student Activities Office
Montoya Campus Student Activities Office
Westside Campus Student Activities Office
South Valley Campus Admissions Office
Rio Rancho Campus Admissions Office
Advanced Technology Center Front Desk

For a paid permit, please visit the CNM Cashier's Office (Main Campus Only) in SSC106.