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Check Release Day Tips

CNM has a major disbursement four weeks into the term. After that point, financial aid is disbursed each Friday. Students will receive their aid money once their financial aid file is complete and eligibility has been established.

Once you register for your classes, you can print a copy of your schedule with tuition and fee details ( my CNM > Registration/Grades tab) to view your financial aid for the term. If you have aid listed on this schedule at the bottom in the Memo Balance, it is a good indicator that your financial aid file is complete.

Avoid disbursement day lines by completing a Direct Deposit form at the Cashier's office at Main or Montoya campus or at Financial Aid at the Westside campus.

The following are tips to assist the students who will be going to the Cashier's office for a Pell, Stafford Loan or scholarship check.

Check release dates are noted in your financial aid award letter and in the Schedule of Classes.

Recipients must have a valid picture ID to pick up checks.

Financial Aid checks are released from the Cashier's office at Main, Montoya, and Westside campuses. Checks are released from Montoya or Westside campuses only if most of your classes are at that campus. All other checks are released from Main campus. Students attending more than one campus (or taking Distance Learning), may verify where their check is being released by calling Financial Aid and Scholarship Services at (505) 224-3090.

Lines are longest at the beginning of the day. The wait time is significantly shorter by late morning and afternoon of the check release day.

Financial Aid Advisors are available on disbursement day to help answer any questions you may have about your disbursement.

Your check is made available as soon as possible. To assist with processing make certain to:

  • Respond to all requests for additional documentation as soon as possible
  • Contact CNM Financial Aid and Scholarship Services when you have questions about your aid.
  • Notify us if you attended or received aid at another school during the school year.

Generally, only students who have received a Financial Aid award letter will receive aid. An award letter is a good indication that your file is certified, and you are scheduled to receive aid as long as you:

  • Are enrolled in an eligible program and in eligible courses. There are limits on Pell Grant and Loan funds received for Preparatory coursework.
  • Are making Satisfactory Academic Progress.

After the check release day, financial aid checks are mailed... a welcome alternative for those who do not wish to stand in line. Students should confirm that CNM has a correct mailing address.

Address changes can be made through my CNM or be reported in writing to the Student Records office at Main Campus or to the Admissions offices at the Montoya, Rio Rancho, South Valley and Westside campuses. Address Change forms are available at any of these offices and online . Address changes are not accepted by e-mail or telephone.

Student employees must also notify the Financial Aid and Scholarship Services of any change of address.