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Students & Service Learning

How can Students participate in Service Learning?

How do I enroll into Service Learning?

Students enroll into Service Learning through a CNM course where an instructor is offering it as an option to a course assignment or as extra credit.

Attend a student orientation as scheduled during the first two weeks of class. Students may not enroll without attending orientation (see schedule). Students should NOT contact agencies before attending orientation.

Students decide (if the instructor hasn't previously decided) which agency site they wish to perform service and at and contact the agency for an interview. If the student is accepted at their selected site, arrangements are then made between the student and agency supervisor to begin their service learning.

Students must provide a copy of their course syllabus to the agency representative.

Students must complete the CNM Service Learning Official Letter of Agreement and Enrollment form, obtain agency and instructor signatures, completed and submit the Letter of Agreement and Enrollment form by the deadline as indicated.

Do I get credit for the service I provide to the agency?

No, credit is given for the learning that takes place during the service work that has been provided to the agency. The service learning work must be related to the course content of the class.

When a student performs service learning for a course, the faculty member will request that they write a paper, make a presentation or take a test on what was learned through the service learning experience.

It is the learning that is graded. The agency site acts as a living classroom for the learning to take place.

The service learning office does not give credit to the students. The instructor gives credit to the student, once the student has completed the course and service learning requirements.

Can I do service learning anywhere I want?

No. Service Learning can only be performed at a CNM approved agency site.

What happens if I perform service learning at an unapproved site?

No approval will be given for enrollment from the service learning office.

Your placement will be strictly voluntary.

What is the difference between volunteerism and Service Learning?

Service Learning is the combination of community service and classroom instruction, with a focus on critical reflective thinking as well as personal and civic responsibility (AACC 2002). Service Learning programs involve students in organized activities that address local needs while developing their academic skills and commitment to their community. Service Learning is related to but does not include volunteerism, cooperative education, practicum's, or internships.

Volunteers serve in whichever capacity necessary to help an agency meet its needs. Volunteers may not be associated with an academic program.

For additional differentiation between Service Learning and Volunteerism, please contact Sharon Gordon-Moffett at (505) 224-3068 or

What happens if I cannot complete my Service Learning at an agency site?

A written explanation including a valid reason must be presented for failure to complete the service learning agreement. Contact your agency so that the agency knows not to depend on your being there. Speak with your instructor. Because Service Learning is an option the other course work must still be completed to gain course credit. To inform them of your departure from the program, contact Sharon Gordon-Moffett at (505) 224-3068 or


Agency representatives, faculty and students are welcome to attend an orientation to learn more about service learning. Attending orientation does not obligate you or guarantee acceptance in Service Learning.