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Student Benefits

Identification Cards

ID cards are required to use the Student Health Center and other College service as well as to access such student amenities around town as bus passes and theater, sporting, and shopping discounts. ID Cards are issued at every CNM Student Activities Office. Click this link for more ID card information.

Student Discounts

CNM Students have access to a range of student discounts offered by Albuquerque area businesses and programs. Many of these are included along with the CNM Employee Discounts found here.

Bus Passes

The ABQ Ride bus stickers are here! The student ride free program is only for currently registered students at CNM. Any currently enrolled student can take part in the Ride Pass program regardless of course load or number of credit hours. More information.

Housing Information

CNM does not have dormitories or other campus housing and does not provide housing services. As a convenience to students, Student Activities at Main Campus maintains a listing of available apartments and houses in the Albuquerque area.

Voter Registration

As a convenience to all students, CNM provides voter registration forms at all CNM Admissions Offices. At Main Campus forms may also be found at Student Activities.

Credit Union

CNM students are eligible to join the New Mexico Educators Federal Credit Union. Services include checking and savings accounts, ATM cards, student loans, credit cards and car loans, as well as a car buying service, a mortgage service and cooperative insurance. Information is available from the NMEFCU help line, (505) 889-7755.