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General Educational Development (GED)

General Education Development (GED) Information.

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CNM offers a variety of options and opportunity for you to receive your General Educational Development (GED)/New Mexico High School Diploma.

We offer a GED Preparation program to help you prepare for the exam, with small class sizes that are delivered by master instructors at your pace and time and when you're ready, you can take the GED Exam at our Assessment Center.

We also look forward to celebrating your achievement with you and your family at are GED Ceremony. Explore below to find the various ways CNM can help you achieve your goals.

Did you know that GED graduates are eligible for the New Mexico Lottery Scholarship?


GED Preparation

caption:Image of a GED class in session.

GED Preparation helps students prepare for the GED exam, higher education, job advancement, or personal fulfillment.

The GED Preparation provides adult learners with the opportunities to acquire new skills and knowledge to enrich themselves, their families, and their communities.

GED Exam

caption:Image of a GED exam in progress.

CNM offers the GED Exam to all eligible candidates. The exam is a battery of five exams administered nationally in order to provide high school equivalency certification.

The GED Exam may be used for entrance into postsecondary education vocational schools, colleges and universities, the U.S. military, employment opportunities, for higher wages and greater opportunities.

GED Ceremony

caption:CNM President Kathie Winograd, congratulating a CNM graduate.

Students will celebrate a life-changing milestone when they don caps and gowns during CNM's annual GED Graduation Ceremony.

This event is a rare cap-and-gown ceremony for students who have earned their GED certificate, an accomplishment that opens up a new world of possibilities for many students who, for a variety of reasons, didn't graduate from a high school. Many of the GED graduates have overcome difficult situations to earn their certificates.

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