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Nursing Frequently Asked Questions


Entering the AASN-NMNEC Concentration (CNM Nursing Program)

Updated: 8-28-2014

Students who want to enter in the Nursing program must complete an online Pre-Registration Screening Form. Students will be screened for the minimum requirements for the CNM Nursing program. Forms will be screened a second time to check for eligibility for the UNM –CNM Dual Degree program.

Students who submit an online Pre-Registration Screening Form and who meet the CNM minimum requirements will be given approval to register for the CNM Nursing program. If approved, students will be notified of the specific date and time to register. All students who meet the minimum requirements will have an equal opportunity to register for the program.

Students who are approved to register for the CNM Nursing Program and have met the minimum requirements for the UNM-CNM Dual Degree Program will also have their Academic Records forwarded to the UNM College of Nursing (CON) for ranking. Ranking is based on 50% HESI Scores (cumulative score), 40% GPA (of prerequisite courses), and 10% New Mexico State Residency. UNM will then select the students for the UNM-CNM Cohort.

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Requirements to Enter the AASN-NMNEC Concentration (CNM Nursing Program)

Updated: 8-28-2014


Students must have a minimum CNM Cumulative GPA of 2.75 to enter the program. If you have less than 16 credit hours complete at CNM, please visit the Coordinated Program Entry Office Guidelines page.

Prerequisite Courses

Complete the following classes (shown in "Required Courses (1 or 2 Terms)" in the Catalog) with a “C” or better and a 2.75 calculated GPA:

  • AAS Mathematics Requirement (MATH 1330 Recommended)
  • BIO 2110 - Microbiology
  • BIO 2192 - Microbiology Laboratory
  • BIO 2210 - Anatomy and Physiology I
  • ENG 1101 - College Writing (or ENG 1102)
  • IT 1010 - Introduction to Computers
  • PSY 1105 - Introduction to Psychology

Course Substitutions

If you took a similar course at another school and it did not transfer in exactly as the CNM required course, you will need to contact the Academic School in which the course is housed to request a course substitution. Any course substitutions must be finalized at the time of screening form submissions. Students who are interested in a course substitution should begin this process at least six weeks before the online screening form goes live.

Notes About Prerequisite Courses

  • Learn how to calculate your GPA for this set of classes.
  • You may be screened while in progress with these classes, but must finish them with a “C” or better and calculated GPA of 2.75 by the end of the term to keep your seat.
  • For the NMNEC Curriculum BIO 2210, BIO 2310, and BIO 2110 No longer expire after 5 years. Students who took these courses over 5 years ago can register for the program.
  • If you have CLEP or AP credit for any of these courses, or have taken the IT 1010 challenge exam and received a passing score, you have met the requirement. The course(s) will not be included in the GPA calculation.
  • To transfer classes from other schools, have your transcripts sent to Academic Records Office to be evaluated. You will receive an email at your account when evaluation is complete. Grades for transferred classes will be used in the GPA calculation.
  • Nursing courses earned at CNM or other NMNEC schools are good for three years.
  • Read about courses to take while you wait to enter the program.


HESI A2 Entrance Exam

You can take the HESI exam at CNM’s Workforce Training Center.

HESI entrance exam with a minimum cumulative score of 75% and a minimum score of 75% in each of the following areas: Math, Grammar, Reading, Vocabulary, Chemistry and Biology.

In the Fall of 2014 we aligned with UNM and NMSU with the addition of the Biology and Chemistry sections. The HESI is testing for High School proficiencies.

Students may retake the HESI exam after 45 days, and should sign up for a test date that says “NMNEC HESI A2 RETAKE.” You are only allowed to take the test twice in any twelve month period. The second attempt must be a minimum of 45 days after the first attempt. The third attempt may be scheduled one year after the second attempt.

The exam must be completed with the minimum scores prior to submitting a Pre-Registration Screening Form.

HESI A2 scores are good for one year. The test must be within the one year time frame at the time of screening form submission.

If you took the HESI A2 exam at another school and wish to use that score, you must contact HESI directly at (800) 950-2728 and ask to have your score sent to the CNM Nursing Program at:

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Registering for the AASN-NMNEC Concentration (CNM Nursing Program)

Updated: 8-28-2014

If you register successfully for NRSG 1010 and NRSG 1015, you will begin Level 1 of the CNM Nursing Program.

BIO 2310 Human Anatomy and Physiology II and PSY 2220 Developmental Psychology are Pre- or Co-requisites for NRSG 1010. If you do not have them completed at the time of registration, you will need to register for these courses before you will be allowed to register for the NRSG classes. Students can register for BIO 2310 and PSY 2220 before adding NRSG 1010 and 1015 or can simply put in all the CRNs at the same time.

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Requirements for Students Registered in the AASN-NMNEC Concentration and the UNM-CNM Dual Degree Program

Updated: 8-28-2014

After you enroll in NRSG 1010 and NRSG 1015, you will need to complete credentialing requirements which include (but are not limited to):

  • Drug screen
  • Criminal background check
  • Immunizations
  • Physical exam

Students will be given instructions for how to complete these requirements during a mandatory compliance orientation session.

Visit the Office of Verification and Compliance website to learn more. Students who do not successfully complete items by stated deadlines will be dropped from the Nursing Program.

Students should review the list of functional abilities in the Nursing Program Handbook. If you have concerns or want to request accommodations, contact the Nursing Program Director (505) 224-4111.

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Courses to Take Prior to Entering the Nursing Program

Updated: 8-28-2014

If you complete these courses before entering NRSG 1010  and NRSG1015, you will have a lighter course load while you are in the program. These courses are required to graduate from the program.

  • BIO 2310 - Human Anatomy and Physiology II
  • BIO 2710 - Pathophysiology I
  • BIO 2711 - Pathophysiology II
  • PSY 2220 - Developmental Psychology

If you are considering a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), these courses are also required for a BSN. They will transfer to New Mexico State University (NMSU) and The University of New Mexico (UNM) Nursing Programs, and meet BSN graduation requirements.

To learn more about pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in New Mexico, visit the NMNEC website. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with a UNM or NMSU Advisor.

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AASN-NMNEC Concentration (CNM Nursing Program) Information

Updated: 8-28-2014

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Nursing Scholarship Resources

Updated: 8-28-2014

Be sure you have filled out CNM’s general scholarship application first. There are foundation scholarships that are just for nursing students.

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Loan Repayment Programs

Updated: 8-28-2014

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LPN Options and Information

Updated: 8-28-2014

The last point of entry for Term 1 of the LPN-Mobility Program is Fall 2014. The last point of entry for Term 2 of the LPN-Mobility Program is Spring 2015.

The LPN-Mobility Program will be reinstated with the NMNEC curriculum (AASN only) starting Fall 2015. For now, LPNs are encouraged to complete AASN prerequisites, and to make an appointment with HWPS/MSE School Advisor.

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