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Plumbing and Gas Fitting


Degrees and Certificates

Plumbing and Gas Fitting Program

The Plumbing Certificate and Associate Degree programs provide students with opportunities to develop marketable skills in areas of installation, repair and maintenance of common plumbing systems.

Core principles and concepts of plumbing systems are cornerstones for each course.

Mathematical computations, interpretation of code, manufacturer’s requirements, descriptions of technological advancements, public health and general public safety responsibilities are emphasized.

Classroom theory leads to team and individual hands-on projects, which are recorded, completed and evaluated. Plumbing safety, blueprint reading, gas fittings, pipe layout, drain waste and vent piping systems are subjects covered during the first term.

Backflow prevention, commercial plumbing, building maintenance and repair, hydronics and plumbing systems and plumbing code applications are subjects concentrated on during the second term.

Completion of the Plumbing and Gas Fitting Certificate and Associate Degree programs provides students with the education and experience for a New Mexico Journeyman’s license.