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Frequently Asked Questions



My intended program is called “Coordinated Entry”…What does that mean?

At CNM, programs designated as “Coordinated Entry” require a Pre-Registration Screening process prior to entry. Students have to be screened to ensure that they meet program requirements before they are given permission to register.

You will not be able to select a Coordinated Entry Program as your major until you officially enter the program. A list of Coordinated Entry Programs can be found on the Coordinated Entry website

For more information, view our Coordinated Program Entry video

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Why do we have Coordinated Entry programs at CNM?

At CNM, programs designated as “Coordinated Entry” are defined as programs that meet one or both of the following criteria

  • Some programs have limited space in the practical, laboratory, or clinical settings, so not all interested students can be accommodated each term.
  • Others require entering students to have specialized certifications or skills.

The Coordinated Entry Pre-Registration Screening process allows us to identify students who are ready to enter these programs.

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How will the Coordinated Entry application process work?

The Coordinated Entry process will require the submission of an online Pre-Registration Screening Form. All students interested in registering into a Coordinated Entry Program must fill out a Pre-Registration Screening Form.

The Pre-Registration Screening Form will be available on the Coordinated Entry Website during specific time frames (available dates are posted on the Deadlines for Academic Year page)

The Pre-Registration Screening Form will screen students for the following criteria (specific program criteria can be found on the Deadlines for Academic Year page):

  • Grade Point Average (GPA)
    • Students must meet cumulative GPA requirement at time of form submission
  • Required prerequisite course work
    • Listed under “Required Courses” in a program’s catalog listing
    • NOTE: Students can be “In Progress” with required prerequisite coursework at CNM when they submit their Pre-Registration Screening Form. This means that a student can register for a program with courses in progress, but will be dropped from the program if their course(es) are not completed at the end of the term with the required grade.
  • Entrance Exam Scores (if applicable)
    • HESI: Nursing
    • HOBET: Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Medical Laboratory Technician, Respiratory Therapy, Radiologic Technology, Veterinary Technology
    • NOTE: Students must have completed Entrance Exams with required scores at time of form submission
  • Licensing (if applicable)
    • EMT-B or EMT-I for Paramedic Program
    • LPN License for LPN-Mobility

Students who submit a Pre-Registration Screening Form and who meet the minimum requirements will be given approval to register for a Coordinated Entry Program in the upcoming term. Students will be notified of registration eligibility, and only eligible students will be notified of the specific date and time to register for a program.

All approved students will have an equal opportunity to register for the program they are approved for.

  • Note: EMT-Paramedic Program does provide priority registration for students who are currently working/volunteering in the EMT field. More information can be located on the EMT-Paramedic Instructions and Requirements form This is the only program that has priority registration  

Seats are limited, enrollment is not guaranteed.

The Coordinated Program Entry Office will offer resources to help you decide whether you are ready to be screened, and make sure you have all the information you need to complete a Pre-Registration Screening Form.

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What happens once my form is submitted?

Once your form is submitted, it will be screened to ensure that you meet the minimum requirements for a program. Students will receive notification within 5-10 business days of their form submission via their CNM email on whether they have met the requirements and are approved for registration.

If you are notified that you meet a program’s minimum requirements, you will be approved for registration and sent information on the date and time you will be able to register for the program. This information will be different from the date and time assigned to students for registration for all other CNM courses.

If you are notified that you DO NOT meet minimum requirements, you will be notified of what requirements have not been met. You are encouraged to review your academic records to confirm missing requirement(s). If you are able to meet the missing requirement(s) before the form deadline, you are able to re-submit the form to be screened again.

If you are not able to meet the requirement by the form deadline, you will need to resubmit a new Pre-Registration Screening Form the next time a program will be accepting students.

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What happens if I am not able to register for the program I want?

You may attempt to register for the program the next term they have seats available. You will have to re-submit a Pre-Registration Screening Form the next term you are interested in registering.

Students will not receive priority registration for attempting to register a following time. All approved students receive equal opportunity to register.

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How long do I have to wait to get into my program?

The time it may take to enter a program will vary for every student. Pre-Registration Screening forms are only available certain times. If you are unable to register for a program that term, you are encouraged to attempt the Pre-Registration Screening process again at the next deadline.

If you are able to register for your program, you will be given a time period to complete compliance requirements, such as immunizations, background checks, Nursing Basic Skills, CPR, etc. The actual start date for program classes varies. See the Deadlines for Academic Year page for more information on specific programs.

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Can I be screened for more than one program?

Yes! You are welcome to submit Pre-Registration Screening forms for any programs for which you meet the minimum requirements, and have a strong interest. Students contemplating applying to multiple programs are encouraged to do research on each area (attend an HWPS information session, visit the Career Resource Center, read the program website, etc.), and speak with an academic advisor.

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Where can I get more information?

You can:

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