Selection and Registration Process

This page outlines the selection process following pre-registration screening approval.

Lottery Selection Process

CNM implements a lottery selection process for CPE programs when the number of approved Pre-Registration Screened applicants exceeds the available seating capacity. The lottery selection is also used to determine the order of students waitlisted.

When the number of approved pre-registration screened applicants does not exceed the available seating capacity, each approved applicant will receive departmental approval to register for CPE coursework during their designated continuing registration date and time.

For example: If 23 students are eligible for Veterinary Technology and there are 26 seats available, all 23 will be eligible to register with no external process.

If 50 students are eligible for Radiologic Technology and there are 24 seats available, there will be a lottery for the initial spaces and also to determine the waitlist.

Randomization Process

The lottery process is randomized and facilitated by the CNM Office of Data Strategy, separate from the School of Health, Wellness & Public Safety. Student information shared for the randomization process with the CNM Office of Data Strategy is limited to first and last name only. A master student list will be housed securely at CNM.

How it Works

If you are selected for a program, you will be notified via CNM e-mail with the date and time you have to register by.

If you do not register by that time, you will forfeit your seat.

If you are not selected for a program, you will be notified of your waitlist order position for that academic term. If you do not get a seat after being waitlisted, you will need to re-submit a new Pre-Registration Screening Form the next time the program is accepting students. Waitlists from previous selection cycles do not carry over to future terms.