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Change of Major

A major is a concentrated course of study that is determined by the student's primary goal for taking courses at CNM.

Academic advisors and achievement coaches are available to assist students with identifying a major that meets their educational goals. Students may add, change and/or declare a major (program) at any time in which they are enrolled.

Students can access the online Change of Major in myCNM in the Registration/Grades tab (from the Registration Menu or Registration Tools channel) or in the Students tab (from the Graduation and Change/Update Your Major channel).

Certificate/Degree Status — Certificate/degree students have chosen a program of study and intend to earn a certificate or degree from CNM and have met program placement requirements.

Non-Degree Status — Students who do not want to earn a degree or certificate or have not yet chosen a major (degree or certificate program) are non-degree students.

Note: Non-degree status will not satisfy eligibility requirements for financial aid, veterans' educational benefits or other assistance.