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General Graduation Information

Information about graduating from CNM.

At CNM, students can graduate with an Associate Degree or a Certificate of Completion. Students must apply for graduation to receive a certificate or degree from CNM.

How to Graduate

The graduation process should begin when you start your program at CNM.

Graduation process step-by-step guide.

Graduation Commencement Ceremony

Students may choose to participate in the Graduation Ceremony to celebrate their accomplishments with family and friends.

CNM holds 2 Graduation Ceremonies each year, one in the Fall Term and one in the Spring Term.

Participate in the Graduation Ceremony.

CNM Fall Graduation Ceremony 2013

Graduate with Honors

There are no extra steps needed to graduate with honors. Degrees, certificates and official CNM transcripts will note graduates with honors as follows.

  • Highest Honors requires a cumulative GPA of 4.0
  • Honors requires a cumulative GPA of 3.6 to 3.9

Updating a Certificate or Degree

Information on updating a certificate or degree.

Beyond Graduation


CNM has a number of articulation agreements with many 4-year universities in the state. Please see the Transfer Information web page for links to specific agreements and transfer information.

Many of the agreements offer a course-by-course guide to a specific degree. In addition, you should work with an advisor to be sure the classes you take will be transferable to the college or university you plan to attend.

CNM Alumni Association

The CNM Alumni Association is a free volunteer organization of graduates and friends who want to maintain a relationship with the college. All certificate and degree graduates are invited to join the Association. Members will receive benefits including volunteer and service learning opportunities, special alumni events, campus privileges, professional networking, communications and awards and recognition. To sign up for membership, visit to fill out the online application.

All current and past CNM students are eligible to use the resources of CNM Job Connection Services.