Equity Council

CNM’s Equity Council ensures racial equity strategies for the College while recognizing overlapping social identities, such as gender, sexuality, and class.

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Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion focuses on enacting collaborative, emergent strategies to advance CNM's six core values. 

We define equity in our community as "all people in Albuquerque are economically secure, healthy and thriving in engaged and honored communities."

About the CNM Equity Council

The Equity Council:

  • identifies racial equity strategies for adoption by the College;
  • serves as an accountability partner for College stakeholders who are responsible for adoption and implementation of racial equity strategies;
  • advocates College stakeholders’ practices, policies, and strategies that support diversity, inclusion, and equity for employees and students at CNM; and
  • ensures people of color across the College are meaningfully included in the decision-making and analysis of any racial equity strategies adopted by the College.

Equity Council Members

  • Allison Pendell Jones
  • Ana Patino-Guillen
  • Anne Key
  • Armad JohnLouis
  • Christopher Cavazos
  • Debra Simonson
  • Emmanuel Lucero
  • Felecia Caton-Garcia
  • Jason Conner
  • Juliane Ziter
  • Kenneth Davis
  • LaMonica Whittaker
  • Manola Colter
  • Misty Ortiz
  • Renee Quintana
  • Samantha Carmona
  • Selena Hardy
  • Sonia Crawford
  • Terra McKeown
  • Travis Thompson
  • Yamavathi Kona