Equity Council

CNM's Equity Council identifies, serves, advocates, and ensures racial equity strategies for the College.

About the CNM Equity Council

The Equity Council:

  • identifies racial equity strategies for adoption by the College;
  • serves as an accountability partner for College stakeholders who are responsible for adoption and implementation of racial equity strategies;
  • advocates College stakeholders’ practices, policies, and strategies that support diversity, inclusion, and equity for employees and students at CNM; and
  • ensures people of color across the College are meaningfully included in the decision-making and analysis of any racial equity strategies adopted by the College.

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Equity Council Members

  • Paul Armijo
  • Carol Ash
  • Erica Volkers Barreiro
  • Dorothea (Dee) Bluehorse
  • Chris Cavazos
  • Mary Gallivan
  • Rosa Gonzalez-Ayala
  • Ann Lyn Hall
  • Diane Harrison Ogawa
  • Sonya Lara
  • Eugene Padilla, Chair
  • Erica Reed
  • Kathryn Smith
  • Asa Stone
  • LaMonica Whittaker
  • Juliane Ziter