Sustainability Committee

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If you're interested in finding out more about sustainability  at CNM, contact:

Phil Carman

Audrey Callaway

As part of CNM's overarching strategic direction, the Sustainability Committee is charged with supporting and promoting college-wide integration of sustainability concepts into the curriculum and across campuses in a meaningful way.

The committee’s ongoing objectives are to:

  1. Provide student learning opportunities via sustainability experiential learning projects.
  2. Increase student engagement in sustainability issues. 
  3. Formalize student learning via sustainability education paths.

Sustainability Learning Outcomes

The Sustainability Committee is available to support faculty throughout the development of sustainability learning outcomes. Example at the course level are available for reference.

Sustainability Courses

CNM has a variety of courses related to sustainability issues. Browse the available courses by school, or view the complete list of sustainability courses (PDF).

Annual Reports

The Sustainability Curriculum Committee was established in Summer 2015.