CNM Microcredentialing Initiative

CNM Microcredentialing Initiative provides employability skills, employment opportunities and certifies student credentials through blockchain-based badges.

About the Initiative

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Today's workforce is rapidly changing in response to technological advancements. Preparing learners for the future of work has become increasingly crucial. Employability skills that are uniquely human, such as emotional intelligence, communication, initiative, collaboration, and resilience will be required for tangible employment opportunities.

Microcredentialing aims to address the need for these skills by providing the ability for an individual to earn badges in a specific skill. A micro-credential (or digital badge) is essentially a certification or mini-degree demonstrating competency in a specific skill.

CNM is the first community college to issue blockchain-based, student-owned digital diplomas with CNM Microcredentialing Initiative. The program offers education and training that results in credentials recognized and valued by leading industries.

As part of this initiative, CNM has launched a series of projects and workshops to ensure students are well-equipped and confident in their career pursuits.

The Pilot Project: #TeeUpTheSkills

CNM is one of seven nationwide colleges and universities selected to participate in the #TeeUpTheSkills cohorta project by Education Design Lab to explore how the 21st Century Skills Badges would prepare badge earners to gain tangible employment opportunities. CNM has partnered with TLC and Jaynes Corporation for this project and is currently providing education and training on empathy and oral communication skills. The pilot project will conclude in December 2019.  

The Upcoming Project: #BadgedToHire

CNM is continuing a project by Education Design Lab as one of three nationwide colleges and universities to examine the effectiveness of the 21st Century Skills Badges to connect badge earners to tangible employment opportunities. The project is currently recruiting interested faculty members to become badge issuers by embedding one of the 21st Century Skills Badges into their curriculum.

Microcredentialing "Job Ready" Workshops

CNM's Office of Career and Job Placement helps individuals become better prepared for the workforce by offering convenient microcredentialing workshops These workshops assist students to:

  • Develop a professional resume
  • Strategize job search techniques
  • Cultivate workplace professionalism
  • Prepare for job interviews

Some of the most popular workshops include:

  • Resume Builder,
  • Interviews and Professionalism, and
  • Professional Presence and Job Search.

Linking into LinkedIn, Professionalism for College Students, and The Modern Resume are also featured workshops.

Office of Career and Job Placement offers the two most attended workshops, The Modern Resume and Professionalism for College Students, throughout the year. Students can register for these workshops on the CNM Talent Management website. The additional workshops are presented in the classroom at the faculty's request.

To schedule an in-class presentation, faculty can request an in-class workshop and download an in-class presentation request form.