Student Academic Assessment Committee

The Student Academic Assessment Committee (SAAC) is a faculty leadership team that drives learning outcomes assessment at CNM.


CNM believes that assessing student learning is important to improving the educational outcomes for all students, just as it is important to promoting a culture of data-driven instructional and curricular improvement among faculty. The SAAC Assessment Process supports CNM’s accreditation, as well as the goals and specific components of CNM’s Strategic Direction.


SAAC’s primary purpose is to provide a consistent process for documenting and reporting outcomes results and actions taken as a result of assessment. SAAC is also responsible for facilitating a periodic review of the learning outcomes associated with the CNM General Education Core Curriculum.

SAAC Bylaws

Section I: Name

Student Academic Assessment Committee

Section II: Responsibility

The Student Academic Assessment Committee (SAAC) facilitates student learning outcome assessment. Representatives from each school serve on SAAC.  SAAC representatives coordinate assessment reporting and compile assessment results.  Each area/program/discipline prepares an annual report that shows assessment results, future plans and the assessment cycle.

Section III: Members

A. Membership of the committee:

  1. Two faculty members from each instructional school.
  2. One representative of the Academic Affairs Council
  3. One representative from Academic Affairs Operations (Sr. Dir. Assessment)
  4. One representative from CCC
  5. One representative from CTL

B. Faculty and administration in each instructional school will develop a process to select SAAC members. 

Section IV: Organization of Committee

A. Student Academic Assessment Committee.  The Chair(s) of the Student Academic Assessment Committee will be selected from the committee members by a majority vote of the Student Academic Assessment Committee at the last spring meeting of the term.  If there are co-chairs, one should be from career technical (BHT, HWPS & STA) and one from non-career technical (LA, MSE, School of Education).

Section V: Process

A. The Chair(s) of the Student Academic Assessment Committee will schedule meetings as needed.

B. SAAC will use consensus decision making.  If an issue is unresolved following two meetings, the issue will be brought to a vote.  In the event of a vote a quorum will be considered to be at least 5 of the 6 schools represented.  Each school gets one vote.

C. The SAAC representatives will present a report to their respective Deans, and a summary of reporting areas/programs/disciplines will be posted on the SAAC website for the prior academic year by beginning of the Spring term of the current academic year.

D. The SAAC will have the authority to create sub teams as needed.