BHT Assessment Reports 2017-18

School of Business, Hospitality & Technology Assessment Reports

Accounting Certificate

Accounting Degree

Beverage Management Certificate

Bookkeeping Certificate

Brewing and Beverage Management Degree

Brewing Technology Certificate

Business Administration Certificate

Business Administration Degree

Business Degree

Career Technical Degree

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Academic Requirements Certificate

CIS CISCO Post Degree Certificate

CIS Cloud Technology Certificate

CIS Cloud Technology Concentration

CIS Computer Programming Certificate

CIS Computer Programming Concentration

CIS Computer Support Specialist Certificate

CIS Computer Support Specialist Concentration

CIS Cybersecurity Post Degree Certificate

CIS Digital Media Concentration

CIS Network Administration Certificate

CIS Network Administration Concentration

CIS Systems Administration Certificate

CIS Systems Administration Concentration

CIS Web Programming Certificate

CIS Web Programming Concentration

Computer Science Degree

Culinary Arts Advanced Baking and Pastry Concentration

Culinary Arts Baking Certificate

Culinary Arts Culinary Arts Concentration

Culinary Arts Culinary Fundamentals Certificate

Culinary Arts Food Service Management Certificate

Customer Services Representative Certificate

Entrepreneurship Certificate

General Business Certificate

Hospitality and Tourism Certificate

Hospitality and Tourism Degree

Linux Testout

Office Technology Medical Concentration

Office Technology Medical Office Assistant Certificate

Office Technology Medical Office Transcription Certificate

Office Technology Office Receptionist Certificate

Office Technology Office Technology Concentration

Payroll Clerk Certificate

Project Management Certificate

Retail Management Certificate