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The Accuplacer exam tests your skills in reading, sentence skills (English) and Math, to determine which classes you are prepared to take.


(505) 224-3244

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
8am to 5pm

Saturday (Main Campus BT-2 for Distance Learning and Make-up Exams Only)

9am to 4pm


Exams will be collected 15 minutes prior to closing.

About the Accuplacer Exam

  • The exam is computer based
  • Completely free
  • Results are given upon completion of the exam
  • Scores are good for five years
  • The exam is given at any CNM Assessment Center on a walk-in basis (except the Workforce Training Center)
  • The exam is self-paced and is not timed
  • On average, the exam takes 1.5 to 2 hours to complete
  • Re-test as many times as you like
  • Paper and pencil version “Companion” exam is available, and takes 2.5 to 3 hours to complete
  • It is highly encouraged that CNM students first apply to the college


  • Textbooks, notebooks, dictionaries, calculators, and paper are not allowed in the testing room
  • Children or other visitors are not allowed in the testing room
  • Anyone who gives or receives help during the tests, uses notes, books of any kind, will not be allowed to continue the test
  • No test materials or notes may be removed from the test room
  • CNM may cancel any test score if there is reason to question the validity of the test scores
  • Wait 24 hours to take the exam again

Practice the Accuplacer Exam

I'm ready to take a practice Accuplacer exam!

Testing Tips

What are some test taking tips and strategies?

Accuplacer Placement Score Guide

Access the Accuplacer Placement Score Guide.

 Accuplacer for Distance Learning Students

  • If you are taking Distance Learning courses and are located outside the Albuquerque Metro area follow these steps to test in your local area
  • Find a local test center willing to give an exam for another college (try a local community college as they are often willing to help; payment may be needed)
  • Check to see if they can give exams that require a computer with internet access
  • Complete the form below and fax it to (505) 224-3258

Accuplacer Distance Location Form

Information on obtaining copies of SAT/ACT scores