The Accuplacer is used to determine the correct course you should take at CNM to satisfy your program requirements.

About the Accuplacer

Beginning July 1, 2024, the Accuplacer will serve as a math placement tool only. The DSP will be used for reading and writing placement.

Have Questions? 

If you have questions about the Accuplacer, please reach out to the CNM Assessment Center.

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The Accuplacer is used at CNM as a placement tool. The Accuplacer is not a pass/fail or graded test; it is a measurement of your current subject skills to determine the courses you are eligible to take as a new student at CNM. 

Key Details

  • The Accuplacer is appropriate for students who do not have ACT or SAT scores or any other means of placement. 
  • You can take the Accuplacer remotely or at a CNM Assessment Center, but it must be scheduled in advance. 
  • After taking the Accuplacer, you are encouraged to meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss your results and select the appropriate course. 

Preparing for the Accuplacer 

Almost all courses at CNM have a prerequisite, co-requisite, or special clearance. The Accuplacer will help determine which prerequisites you've met and which courses you are eligible to register for as a new CNM student. The Assessment Center provides many resources to help you prepare for and do your best on the Accuplacer. 

What to Expect
  • The test is computer-based; print materials and calculators are not allowed.
  • The Assessment Center will provide scratch paper for you to use during the test. 
  • The exam is self-paced and is not timed. On average, the exam takes one to two hours to complete.
  • Results are given upon completion of the test.
  • Anyone who violates testing rules will not be allowed to continue. CNM may cancel any test if there is reason to question the validity of the scores. You must wait 24 hours to take the test again.

Scheduling Your Accuplacer Exam 

All Accuplacer exams, whether remote or in-person, must be scheduled in advance. 

In-Person Accuplacer

In-person Accuplacer testing is available at the Main, Westside, Rio Rancho, Montoya, and South Valley campuses. For in-person scheduling, please visit our CNM Assessment Center homepage, which lists the most up-to-date testing links, location information, and hours of operation. 

Remote Accuplacer

For remote testing, you will need a computer with webcam and audio capabilities. The test will be proctored remotely by Assessment Center staff. To register, select the appropriate registration link below. 

Out of State Students

If you are located outside the Albuquerque Metro area and prefer taking the Accuplacer in person at a testing site near you, complete the Accuplacer Distance Location form and fax it to (505) 224-3258. You will receive an email reply from CNM with additional instructions. 

Accuplacer Math Exams

If you would like to take the Advanced Algebra or the Arithmetic exam, please schedule a remote Accuplacer appointment and select 'Math' as the exam option. After registering for the remote math exam, email [email protected] with your preferred math exam and the date and time of your appointment. Please note that depending on your score, you may not receive a math placement if you test in this manner.

Proctor Information 

If you are a high school proctor and need to request a test unit, please fill out the Accuplacer Test Unit Request Form

All requests will be reviewed and we may follow up with additional questions before granting more test units.