Schedule My Remote Accuplacer

As part of CNM’s modified mode of operations, the Assessment Center has suspended the majority of its in-person testing services.

If you need to reach somebody at the Assessment Center, please email us at [email protected] or call (505) 224-3243.

We now have a remote version of the Accuplacer in place. To take the test, students need a computer (desktop or laptop) with a webcam and audio capabilities. The test will be proctored remotely by Assessment Center staff.

If you would like to take the Advanced Algebra exam only or the Arithmetic test exam only, please schedule an appointment for Math, then email [email protected] requesting your preferred math exam and the date and time of your appointment. Please note that depending on your score, you may not receive a math placement if you test in this manner.

Note: Students requiring special accommodations for testing (other than extra-time only) should contact Accessibility Services at (505) 224-3259 or email [email protected].


  1. Select whether you are a CNM student below.
  2. Select your exam (it is the student’s responsibility to select the correct exam).
  3. Choose your test date and time. If you are wanting to take the Advanced Algebra test, please email [email protected].
  4. Click on “Add to Cart.”

The registration process is not complete until you click “Complete Registration.”

For non-math placement, students can also take the Directed Self-Placement (DSP) instead of the Accuplacer. It can be taken from your cell phone.

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 Testing Rules

  • Students must have a valid photo ID.
  • All personal belongings, including purses, and electronic devices, watches, and cell phones must be put away.
  • Scratch paper and pencils are allowed.
  • If a calculator is required for the math test, one will appear in the exam window.
  • If dishonest behavior is observed it will be documented and the instructor/test provider will be notified.

 Seat availability is limited and reserved only through the RegisterBlast system.