BCIS 1110 (IT1010) Industry Certification Exam (IC3)

Individuals can earn college credit for BCIS 1110 (IT 1010) at CNM by passing the three-section exam, Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3).


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The three sections can be taken separately, but currently need to be completed within a 30 day period. Students will be tested on the most current versions of Windows and Microsoft Office available.

In-Person Proctored Testing

This exam can be taken in-person. To schedule please use the following button.

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For this exam series, there is also a practice test available. Please email us at testing@cnm.edu for information on gaining access.

Exam Sections, Rules and Results

Section 1: Living Online (passing score 700; max. score 1000This section covers networks and the internet, electronic mail, using the internet, the impact of computing, and the internet society.

Section 2: Key Applications (passing score 700; max. score 1000This section covers common Windows program functions, Word processing functions, spreadsheet functions and presentation software.

Section 3: Computing Fundamentals (passing score 700, max. score 1000) This section covers computer hardware, computer software, and using the Windows operating system.

Testing Rules:

  • Exam cost is $40
  • Each of the 3 sections contains 50 questions and is 50 minutes long.
  • All sections must be passed within a 30-day period
  • All examinees must present a photo I.D. Acceptable types of I.D. include driver’s licenses, passports, military I.D.s and college issued I.D. cards.
  • No Personal items whatsoever are allowed in the test center including books, papers, phones, calculators, purses or backpacks.

Sample of a Certiport certificate.Test Results:

Passing scores on all 3 sections of the IC³ exam will give you a professional certificate from Certiport and 3 college credits from CNM for BCIS 1110 (IT1010) (passing this exam does not qualify for financial aid residency requirements). You will receive a report of your scores upon completion of the exam and an official Certiport certificate will be mailed by Certiport to your home 3-4 weeks later.