Change of Major

A major is a concentrated course of study that is determined by the student's primary goal for taking courses at CNM.


Advisors are available to assist you with identifying a major that meets your educational and career goals. You are encouraged to meet with an advisor to discuss the impact of changing your major on your specific educational plan.

Once you have completed classes, it's especially important to talk with an advisor to understand how changing your major could impact the length of time it takes to complete your degree, and whether a change of major could negatively impact your financial aid.

While all current CNM students are allowed to change their major at any time, if you have changed your major multiple times, we will ask that you speak with an advisor to confirm your decision.  

Financial Aid Impact

If you are receiving or have applied for financial aid, changing your major may affect your financial aid eligibility and your classes could be dropped. Please contact the Financial Aid Office before changing your major. For more information on programs and financial aid, go to Financial Aid General Requirements. Additionally, some majors are not eligible for financial aid.

Note: Non-degree status will not satisfy eligibility requirements for financial aid, veterans' educational benefits or other assistance.

Change of Major Form

Please complete the online Change of Major form to request to change your major. Your request will be processed within two business days. CNM staff may contact you to verify your change of major request.